Russia sets new record for Covid deaths on the eve of ‘megaholiday’ in Moscow | World

Russia registered on Thursday (28) new records of new deaths and new cases of Covid-19 (1,159 deaths and 40,096 infected in the last 24 hours, according to data released by the government.

The new wave of Covid-19 is driven by the delta variant and one of the lowest vaccination rates in Europe and led the capital Moscow to create an 11-day “mega-holiday”, which starts today (28th) and runs until the next Sunday (November 7th).

Non-essential services will close and a series of restrictions have been adopted to contain the current outbreak — which is also driven by the population’s low use of masks.

Restaurants, beauty salons, clothing stores, gyms, dance schools and other services considered “non-essential” will be closed until November 7, and only pharmacies, supermarkets and shops that sell basic items may open during this period.

The Intensive Care Centers (ICUs) of several Russian hospitals are at the limit of capacity — especially in the capital, which is the worst-affected city in the country.

With hospitals full, Moscow asked seniors to stay at home for four months.

Russia suffers from the escalation of cases and deaths by Covid-19 since June, and the country is already the 5th with the most infected (8.2 million) and deaths (229 thousand) in the world. There were 843,000 new cases and nearly 27,000 victims of the virus in October alone.

Even as the situation worsens, Russians continue to refuse to take the Covid-19 vaccines available.

The country that developed Sputnik V plus three immunizers has only 36% of the population vaccinated with at least one dose and less than 33% of Russians are fully immunized

Russia’s vaccination rate is one of the lowest in Europe and even lower than the world average (38% of the population fully immunized) and from countries such as Tunisia, Cape Verde, Iran and Suriname.

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