Sony registers PlayStation PC LLC trademark •

One more step towards that platform?

Sony changed its brand on PC games, a fact noted by many Steam users, noting that the PlayStation Mobile brand was replaced by PlayStation PC LLC. Thank you VGC.

Apparently this change took place last Wednesday, but according to Corporation Wiki, Sony Interactive Entertainment registered the PlayStation PC LLC trademark in April this year through its headquarters in California.

Sony has made an effort to bring to the PC its great exclusives, games that were released on the PlayStation platforms and which can now be played by players around the world for the first time, who have never purchased a console from the Japanese giant.

There is also the financial aspect, as the cost of producing a AAA game is astronomical, being another source of income to offset expenses.


It has recently been revealed that God of War is on its way to the PC, which joins Uncharted 4: The End of a Thief and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy in the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection compilation.

There are rumors that Sackboy: The Big Adventure could be next, but for now that’s just guesswork.

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