Super bright meteor explodes in the sky of the North Plateau of Santa Catarina

In the early hours of this Wednesday, 27th, the passage of a super bright meteor in Santa Catarina was recorded. The images were taken by the monitoring station in Monte Castelo, in the North Plateau of Santa Catarina, at 1:12 am.

According to amateur astronomer Jocimar Justino, the meteor passed towards the East at an estimated speed of more than 70 thousand kilometers per hour (km/h).

Justino explains that the meteor exploded in the middle of the journey. That’s because the brightness changes suddenly, a characteristic of explosions.

It is estimated that the phenomenon began in Benedito Novo, in the Itajaí Valley, and disappeared in Garuva, in the North. The pass took about five seconds.

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super shine

According to the amateur astronomer, this meteor is considered super bright because it caused a flash in the sky. In this case, the phenomenon that passed through the sky of Santa Catarina is of the bolide type. “It’s a fireball that explodes,” he explains.

According to Justino, these meteors are rarer. “Most are with less intense shine”, he says.

The meteor’s brightness had a magnitude greater than -8. “When the meteor explodes and the brightness has a magnitude greater than -4, it is called a bolide”, he says. “For comparison, the full moon has a magnitude of -12 approximately and the sun -26”, he adds.

The team from the Brazilian Meteor Monitoring Network (Bramom) is still working on a more detailed analysis of the event that took place.

Meteor shower with debris from Halley’s Comet

Last week, a meteor shower with debris from Comet Halley was recorded at Monte Castelo. The phenomenon was also captured by the Brazilian Meteor Monitoring Network station

Orionids enter the Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of approximately 66 kilometers per second (km/s), equivalent to about 237,000 kilometers per hour.

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