With Free-to-play model at launch, Lost Ark in North America and Europe will not be Pay-to-win, says Amazon Games ⋆

Through two publications that were released on the official website of the upcoming lost Ark, a Amazon Games tried to clarify some very important points for players: the game’s Closed Beta and the monetization system. So it is! The devs left several instructions and presented an overview of how the game will work, as far as their business model is concerned… let’s check the info?

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Starting with the Closed Beta, the post signed by Amazon Games confirmed that the tests will take place between November 4th and 11th, with servers in North America and Europe (the IP Block for our region still persists), and gave information about what players will find in this experience. Generally speaking, all those who decide to take on the adventure will have access to a special prologue, various main story quests, dungeons, raids and new exploration zones. Also, the level cap will be raised to 55 (it was 50 on Alpha). In short, the tests will serve to give players a good idea about what the game can offer.

Now, moving to the post related to the monetization system, Amazon Games highlighted that the basic premise of the business model adopted is to ensure that all purchases have an “optional character”, that is, players will have the chance to purchase items from the store “in-game” during gaming and they will only shop if they want to streamline things. When mentioning a premium plan, the developer mentioned that the idea is to guarantee benefits for players, but without generating advantages that configure a “pay-to-win”. To complete, the “game coins” were detailed, as well as some Founder’s Packs. And that’s it! Lost Ark will be a free-to-play game, with an in-game store whose items can be purchased by paying and non-paying and it looks like we won’t have a P2W.

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