Doctor Jairo · Is peeing during a shower something bad? urologist responds

It may sound disgusting, but this habit isn’t as unsanitary as you think: showering is definitely one of those things people don’t talk about openly, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t common. In fact, 76% of people admitted to doing so in a recent survey by Showers to You, a UK-based bath and shower company. This leads to a series of questions.

Short answer to all of them: it’s okay to pee in the shower, who says this is Jamin Brahmbhatt, urologist and assistant professor at the University of Central Florida School of Medicine, in the United States.

However, if you decide to pee in the shower, it’s best to do it in your own shower and not in an audience – which, let’s face it, is pretty disgusting. Generally speaking, urine is sterile as it has no living organisms. But this is not always the case, as someone can have a urinary tract infection. Also, urine can pick up some bacteria from the end of the urethra as it leaves.

Since we’re talking about pee, let’s get straight to the point. What exactly is in urine? According to Brahmbhatt, depending on how much fluid you drink, about 90% of your urine is water. The rest are salts and compounds that are filtered out of the body. That extra material in urine can vary, but it’s based on what you drank or ate, as well as the medications you took and the substances you used, he adds.

The fact that urine is basically just water with some added salts means it’s highly unlikely to do any harm to the bath, if that’s a concern. “If you think about it, urine is probably ‘cleaner’ than what you get off your skin during a morning shower or after a gym workout. It’s probably no different from tap water when it comes to its effect on the physical environment,” comments Brahmbhatt.

If you’re still disgusted with thinking about accidentally peeing your feet, well, at least you’re in the right place for a quick clean. What if you have a cut or other foot injury? The doctor says this is no big deal and reminds that there are people who use urine as an antiseptic; that is, when you have an open wound, you can pee on it to help prevent infections. But he points out that the science behind this theory is not particularly strong.

In short: peeing in the shower will hardly hurt you. So whether it’s part of your efforts to save water (no need to flush), or if you just can’t handle it sometimes, don’t blame yourself for using the shower as a toilet.

Source: WebMD

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