Doctor Jairo · TikTok Announces Suicide Prevention Resources

Dances, recipes, tips and challenges, TikTok is a fever, especially among younger people, and a platform that provides space for people to express their creativity and find their “tribe”. For many, it is a space to share experiences and discover that other people may be going through the same situation.

In recent years, we have seen the growing movement and debate on important issues such as mental well-being and body image. In this context, TikTok appears as a powerful tool for promote discussion in a creative way, as well as provide the necessary support.

With that in mind, the platform announced that it is adding new ways to boost your users’ well-being with the goal that people more easily find resources when they need them.

Sharing experiences

Although content that promotes, glorifies or normalizes suicide, self-harm or eating disorders is not allowed, TikTok supports users sharing their personal experiences to raise awareness about the issues and help others who may be going through the same situation to find support.

To do this securely, the platform has launched new wellness guides to encourage these users who share their experiences, all developed with the guidance of experts, including the International Association for the Prevention of Suicide and the Center for the Valuing of Life (CVV).

The guides, which are available in the app’s Security Center for informational purposes only, also offer tips to help all users to engage responsibly. with someone who may be in difficulty or in danger.

It is necessary to talk about eating disorders

In addition to the wellness guides, earlier this year, new resources for support users who may be living with or recovering from an eating disorder. Thus, when a person searches for terms related to the subject, he is directed to a page with tips, resources that can be used and all the necessary support.

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Were also introduced permanent public service announcements in certain hashtags, like #whatIetinaday – “what I eat in a day” in Portuguese – to raise awareness and provide support for all users.

A new guide by the Safety Center on eating disorders for adolescents, caregivers and educators was also developed in partnership with several institutions linked to the theme with the aim of providing information, support and advice on eating disorders.

If you need it, get help!

Another tool is in the search field. When someone searches for words or phrases like #suicide, TikTok will direct you to local support resources, as the Center for the Valorization of Life (CVV) in the case of Brazil, where users can find support and information on treatment options.

Remember that the guides and resources shared on the platform are for informational purposes only and do not replace professional or medical advice. If there is any question or concern about any physical or mental condition, be sure to seek help.

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