Doctor removed from Einstein after patient deformation report

The plastic surgeon Alan Landecker was temporarily banned from performing operations on the Albert Einstein Israeli Hospital. The institution, one of the most renowned in the health area in Brazil, is the fourth to make this decision after the professional was denounced by sete ex-patients, who went to the Civil Police of São Paulo complaining of deformities in the nose after rhinoplasties performed with the doctor. He has a private clinic specializing in the procedure, in Jardim América, an upscale neighborhood in the city of São Paulo.

Before the Einstein, the Sírio Libanês, Vila Nova Star and São Luiz hospitals had already announced that the presence of Landecker was prohibited in their facilities. The decision of the Israeli institution, made today, was confirmed to the UOL by the press office of the health center, who informed that the surgeon is still under evaluation by the Executive Medical Committee, but will remain away during the administrative process.

One of the patients who denounced Landecker said that, after spending R$50,000 on rhinoplasty, he has already spent another R$300,000 on operations to try to reduce facial deformities, which also include loss of smell and difficulty breathing, as detailed in the report from Folha de São Paulo released earlier this week.

Inquiries to investigate the complaints were opened by the São Paulo police and the doctor was also reported to Cremesp (Regional Council of Medicine) and to the State’s Public Ministry.

The reports in former patients indicate that at least two of them were contaminated with the bacteria Mycobacterium abscessus, from the tuberculosis family. It can permanently destroy the affected nose and requires a difficult and time-consuming treatment, which sometimes cannot eliminate it, as it is very resistant.

Landecker’s lawyers, Daniel Bialski and Fernando Lottenberg, said in a note to UOL who consider the decision of hospitals to remove their client as a “unilateral and hasty” action, also declaring that the patients did not follow the guidelines indicated by the physician in the postoperative period.

Check the surgeon’s defense note in full:

“The accusations made by some former patients of Dr. Alan Landecker, who did not follow the proposed treatment or abandoned the care and guidance that had been provided in the treatment of the infection, are not true. Therefore, no responsibility can be attributed to Dr. Alan for unilateral decisions made by these former patients, who are now seeking financial redress.

There are images that prove the good result of the procedures. The complications reported were later and may have resulted from not following medical advice. All of them would be reversible if ex-patients were willing to comply with the protocols.

In addition, the vast majority of infections manifested itself long after rhinoplasties — more than 30 (thirty) days — demonstrating that they may not be related to surgical procedures.

All patients are oriented about risks and care, signing an acknowledgment term and being followed up for up to three years. Attempts to defame a professional with a 20-year career and more than 4,000 successful surgeries will receive the appropriate response.

As for the hospitals that decided to suspend their professional activities, we understand that this attitude is unilateral and hasty, based only on journalistic stories. The fairness of Dr. Alan Landecker’s actions is being proven by the bodies responsible for investigating the facts.”

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