ex-selection explains Messi still zeroed by PSG in Ligue 1

Messi, still scoreless for PSG in the French Championship, takes to the field this Saturday against Bordeaux, at 5 pm (GMT), broadcast by ESPN at the Star+

This Saturday, the PSG visit the Bordeaux, at 5 pm (GMT), for the 13th round of the French Championship.

To win another victory and remain calm in the leadership of the league, the team from Paris counts on the return of the striker Lionel Messi, who was spared in the middle of the week due to muscle pain, but who should start this weekend’s duel.

Bordeaux x PSG has Live broadcast for the ESPN on Star+ this Saturday (6), at 5 pm (GMT)

Despite having arrived at the club in the French capital surrounded by enormous expectations, the Argentinian ace is so far in “slow gear” for the new team.

He even scored three times in games for Champions, but in the matches of Call 1, the shirt 30 follows reset.

According to those who know the French Championship well, the idea that Messi would make it to the tournament and start scoring goals, as happened in the time of the Barcelona, could not be more wrong.

That’s what the former defender guarantees Claudio Caçapa, six-time French champion with the Lyon in the times of player and currently technical assistant of the gone.

In an interview with ESPN.com.br, the former player of Atlético-MG, cruise and Brazilian Team denied that playing the Call 1 be easy as some imagine.

“The championship is not easy to dispute, even more so with the arrival of great players who have reinforced several clubs. PSG has all these ‘galacticos’, they have a level of points up there, but Messi hasn’t scored a single goal in Call 1. This proves how difficult this championship is”, pointed out Caçapa.

In the Brazilian’s opinion, Messi will still suffer for another period with the Frenchman’s style of play, which is very different from Laliga, championship that the star played throughout his professional career with Barça.

“I don’t think Messi will have difficulties in adapting, but of course everything takes time. He is a great player, he is in the group of the greatest players in history, for sure. But here in France is different from Spain“, argued the Lyon assistant.

“In Spain, in many games he had the time and space to master the ball, turn his body and go up at speed.. Here he even has it, but much less, it’s not always,” he explained.

“There are games that he will hardly be able to do what he did at Barcelona, unless go down to midfield to get the ball at the feet of the defensive midfielders and defenders. But if the opponent is scoring high, he is unlikely to be alone. This is the biggest difficulty he is facing,” he added.

For Caçapa, it is a big “lie” that the French Championship is easier to play than other major European tournaments.

In the former defender’s view, competition is especially difficult for strikers, as the marking is fierce.

“Many say the French Championship is easy, but that’s a lie. It’s a tough and very difficult championship, especially for strikers,” he taught.

“Here, the lines are compact. Many teams play with a high line and the defenders are always tall and strong. referees like to let the game go“, finished.

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