Pharmacies will register quick Covid test results in the SUS app – 11/05/2021 – Panel SA

ConnectSUS, the official application of the Ministry of Health, will start recording the results of rapid tests of Covid-19 made in pharmacies. The data are collected by Abrafarma, an association that brings together large drugstore chains.

According to Sérgio Mena Barreto, president of the entity, the information was already provided to SUS, but will now be shared with the patient, who will be able to present the test record in a standardized way in the app at events, trips, in the corporate environment and in other situations.

In the first phase, scheduled to start this month, the app will show the positive and negative results of recent rapid exams. Abrafarma should gradually also provide records of nearly 12 million diagnoses collected in pharmacies since the beginning of the pandemic.

“This will also make it easier for people who still have only the first dose of the vaccine and need to present a recent test result from Covid,” says Barreto.

with Mariana Grazini and Andressa Motter

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