Globo helicopter makes forced landing in BH – Gerais

According to firefighters, the accident was around 7:45 am. “In principle, there seems to have been a mechanical failure and the pilot had to make a hard landing. On impact, the tail rotor ended up touching the ground and broke. Everyone is fine, no casualties, cabin intact,” the corporation said this morning.

A vehicle was taken to the scene to prevent a fire or explosion. “Two people went to the hospital with Samu. There were no injuries, but they were for observation. The pilot stayed on the spot”, explains Corporal Flix, from the Fire Department, who participates in the service. An aeronautical engineer from the company responsible for the maintenance of the aircraft was in the field and gave details to the firefighters of the next steps. “She said that the Cenipa (Center for Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents) will come to carry out the inspection in order to release the transshipment of fuel to carry out the dismantling and take the aircraft away. The expected arrival of this organization here is late”, he detailed.

Also according to the military, the chances of a fire are minimal and the pilot informed that the helicopter has an advanced system to prevent this type of occurrence.

Every morning, the station’s helicopter flies over the capital to show the traffic situation, weather or possible events.


Occupants off the aircraft after forced landing at Teixeira Dias (photo: Reproduction from internet/Twitter/Mi_qmx)

The commercial analyst Slvia Helena Martins de Freitas lives near the field and was driving by at the time of the forced landing. “I went to get a girl who works with me and, just as I was leaving, I saw him flying over. There was an accident on Via do Minrio and I thought that could be it”, he says.

“When I got home, I saw him flying very low. I thought it might be reporting. As I turned onto the street, the helicopter had just made its hard landing. There were pieces of fuselage across the street. I saw the people coming down. The reporter, the pilot and another boy, who must be her assistant. I even filmed one of the guys kneeling in front of the helicopter thanking God”, he commented.

Video shows occupants exiting helicopter cabin

According to the resident, the area is densely populated, which could have resulted in a more serious situation. “If it wasn’t for this field, a tragedy would have happened. Here totally full of houses, God who protected them. There is a health center next door, with a lot of people to be seen”, said the analyst.

Pilot Dudu Barbatti's Instagram Stories
Pilot Dudu Barbatti reassured family, friends and followers in an Instagram post (photo: Reproduction from internet/Instagram/dudubarbatti)

A source informed the

State of Minas

Pilot Dudu Barbatti said they were about to go live when there was a loss of power on the aircraft. The report tried to contact him by phone, but even the publication of the article was unsuccessful. However, he left a message on Instagram Stories. “Thank God we’re all fine, friends! After more news!”

On Sunday, Barbatti, who worked on the coverage of the air accident that ended with the death of singer Marlia Mendona and four other people in Caratinga, in Vale do Rio Doce, published a post on Instagram in which he reflected on the tragedy.

“That feeling that death has visited next door, and that it’s always hanging around…But that also makes us always keep our eyes open for life! Sad for those who have gone, that they continue their journey towards the greater light… Happy to be able once again to do the work that I love with excellence!”, he wrote in the caption of the photo.

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