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A 79-year-old elderly woman was attacked this week by a shark in Praia Grande, in Ubatuba, on the north coast of São Paulo. This is the second confirmed case in less than a month. On All Souls’ holidays, a 39-year-old French tourist was bitten in the right leg at Praia do Lambert, also located in the municipality.

The confirmation was made after a technical study of the images carried out by biologist and shark specialist Otto Bismarck Fazzano Gadig, professor at Unesp (Universidade Estadual Paulista). According to the bite analysis, the animal was a tiger or flat-head shark, of medium or large size.

The victim is from Piraguinho, in the interior of Minas Gerais. She was bathing at the site, one of the most popular destinations for tourists, and was injured in her left leg. According to the city hall, she was rescued and had to be rushed to Santa Casa de Ubatuba.

The injury, according to the Unesp report, has an “inverted C shape” and resulted in “exposure of the calf muscles”, in addition to causing small lesions in the leg vessels. The same also says that the cut of approximately 25 centimeters is superficial, since the action of the animal was not complete.

“The causative agent of the trauma was a species of medium-to-large shark, with a rounded head and short snout”, he reported.

The report was also sent to the Argonauta Institute, responsible for monitoring the region’s beaches. In 32 years, these are the first reports involving sharks on the north coast.

“There were isolated cases and different sharks. There are unwise relationships between attacks and climate change. It’s too early to talk about that,” he told reporters sheet Hugo Gallo Neto, president of the Institute and director of the Ubatuba Aquarium.

“In October, we had 23 days of rain. This brings more nutrients to the waters and feeds a larger fish chain. By attracting fish, the sharks that already frequent the region meet up with bathers. The human being is not part of the diet of the shark,” he completed.

Hugo Gallo says that the chances are still slim for the fact to be repeated and that, for now, the cases do not generate greater concern. “For now, we treat it as a phenomenon. There is still no pattern like in Recife.”

The mention of the capital of Pernambuco is due to the fact that there are recurrent records of shark attacks. In July, two of them took place on Piedade beach, in Jaboatão dos Guararapes, a place with a large number of incidents. This year, a 51-year-old man died at the same location.

In the Argonauta’s report, there is also the explanation that “the probability of a person being bitten by a snake while hiking in our region, suffering a car, motorcycle or bicycle accident is still infinitely greater than suffering a shark bite at sea”.

The case involving the French tourist took place while he was swimming in the sea. He noticed the presence of a school of fish and, soon after, felt the bite of the shark. The report also says that there is “a much greater presence of whales”, probably influenced by the species’ food supply.

The institute indicates measures to avoid future problems such as “always staying in groups”, pointing out that attacks occur preferentially to solitary bathers, not going into deep water, not entering the water if you are bleeding, not wearing shiny jewelry and avoiding swimming in the early morning or in the late afternoon when the animals are most active.

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