2022 Northeast Cup has 16 defined teams; see pots for the group draw

The preliminary phase of the 2022 Northeast Cup ended on Thursday, 18th, when CRB and Botafogo-PB, eliminating Moto Club-MA and Vitória-BA, respectively, joined Floresta and Sousa-PB, who had already qualified. in advance, to form the group of the four teams that were missing in the tournament group stage.

With the definition of the 16 teams for the first stage of Nordestão, it is now possible to divide the pots for the draw of the two groups, since the League of the Northeast confirmed the THE PEOPLE that the criteria follow the same as last year. The formation of pots is also valid to define how much each team receives in quota for participation and the values ​​must follow the same.

In pot 1 will be Bahia, Ceará, Fortaleza and Sport-PE. Pot 2 will consist of CSA-AL, CRB-AL, Sampaio Corrêa-MA and Náutico. Pot 3 is Botafogo-PB, Globo-RN, Altos-PI and Campinense-PB. And pot 4 will have Floresta, Sergipe, Atlético-BA and Sousa-PB.

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The main teams of each state will have, necessarily, to be in different groups, guaranteeing state classics in the first phase of the competition. Thus, Ceará and Fortaleza, Sport and Náutico, Bahia and Atlético-BA, CRB and CSA, Botafogo and Campinense cannot be in the same bracket.

Also due to the draw rules, it is possible to state that Bahia and Sport, Sampaio Corrêa and Náutico, Globo and Altos will be in different groups. In the first phase of the Copa do Nordeste, the teams from Group A face those from Group B, totaling eight duels for each. At the end of these games, the first four of each advance to the knockout.

The group draw has not yet been set, but O POVO has learned that it should take place as early as the beginning of December. The Northeast Cup will be held between January and April, sharing space with the state championships.

Pots for the 2022 Northeast Cup draw:

pot 1

pot 2
Sampaio Correa-MA

pot 3

pot 4

With information from Thiago Minhoca

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