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This Friday (19) the recordings for the program ‘Hora do Faro’ on Record TV took place with the cast of A Fazenda 13. But, as in almost every time, the participants lost patience and had some discussions that the public you can check it out at the Sunday attraction. However, thanks to PlayPlus, the broadcaster’s platform, it was possible to follow the exchange between Mileide Mihaile and Gui Araujo.

while the dynamics with the group, Anitta’s ex accused the influencer of being on the fence and not committing to anyone in the rural program. For starters, she put the pawn “against the wall” after he started defending himself for receiving several negative signs from Valentina. The former assistant was eliminated on Thursday night (18) as the least voted with only 15% of the public vote.

“I don’t think you accept [ouvir] ‘not'”, Mileide fired, annoyed, then Gui argued that her colleague in confinement pretended to accept criticism, but that when she has the opportunity, she defends herself without giving support to people on the training day in Roça. “You always wash your hands in the fields. You can go with Sthe, you can go with whoever you are, you always wash your hands so you don’t commit and that’s how it works”, declared the ex-On Vacation with Ex.

But the famous one disagreed. “That is your vision and I disagree with you. He even gets annoyed because I’m thrilled for my little friend who voted as a farmer, he disagrees because I get emotional…”, he continued and changed the subject, but the pawn did not want to know and replied: “Okay, don’t hide it now, talk about you and me.” “I’m talking about you, Guilherme”, scored Mileide Mihaile.

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Still in the fight, Bill again stated that Mileide does not commit to the game and that is why she would be getting away with going to the hot seat. “It’s just that, no one commits, it comes [a final], there are twenty days to go, always vote for those who don’t have a vote, go there, don’t talk about anyone. I show my face, I get a lot of signs, Faro. I received a ‘fake’ sign. I’m alive and living, I won’t be critical of this one that will… I’d rather have personality than stay floating there”, he countered. “I also have a personality and I’ve built a lot”, returned Mihaile.

After the discussion, Gui Araujo decided that he would return and presented Mileide Mihaile with the “mask”. “I’m going to return this plaque to Mileide here. Because like I said, every week smoothing one. Faced with the game in a different way, then they will distort what I said, put the word in my mouth, say that I don’t accept it. It’s okay, this is your game, you get out of all the fields like this, no problem, whoever is on your side, you don’t care about that in the vote, you just want to save yours”, he continued.

“So when it’s convenient, he’s there on one side, when Rico comes back he breaks the stick with him. When he comes back, the farmer says ‘we’re thrilled’. When anything happens, it changes its opinion. But it’s part of it, I won’t be judging, but when it comes to those closest to me, I do say what I think. It’s no use coming on the show to give me a sign that doesn’t affect me at all”, finished Bill.

Then Rico got into the matter and defended Mileide. “What he said about her smoothing me is all a lie. We have been close for over a month. I was the one who immunized her in the countryside”, he said and later, when asked about one of the Roças where he made a plan to put Sthe and save her friends, he confirmed that he wanted her colleague in the hot seat. “It was to really push Sthefane”, stated when challenged by MC Gui.


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