After elimination, Valentina says Dayane deserves to lose The Farm 13 TV News

After calling Dayane Mello an “opportunist”, Valentina Francavilla said that the model deserves to lose A Fazenda 2021. This Friday (19), the stage assistant of the Programa do Mouse (SBT) assumed that she “did not touch” her former ally and that, despite the disappointment, he still has feelings for his ex-confinement partner.

“My feeling for Day couldn’t change, it’s still confused. He’s confused because I saw a lot of horrible things, but I still like her. I think her attitudes are ugly, saying: ‘Girl, wake up to life. You think you’re where? ‘, give some slaps. I won’t be able to support or cheer for her, ever! Whoever deserves it has to win the prize”, highlighted Valentina.

During the Eliminado Live, shown on the reality’s digital platforms, Lucas Selfie asked the ex-pean: “Do you think she doesn’t deserve to win The Farm?”. “Not at all,” sentenced the stage assistant.

“Maybe she doesn’t even realize the harm she’s doing to herself, she doesn’t have this awareness. Or maybe she’s a bad person, we don’t know. I can’t tell you today: ‘I don’t like Day.’ with her until a few hours ago. I saw things about her that I was very surprised as a human being, not as a friendship. I could see that there are bad people, I had never seen them like that, clearly,” added Valentina.

The eliminated said that she is in shock with the videos she has watched since leaving the confinement. “I’m a little scared by the things I’ve seen. It seems you only see them in a cartoon, in a movie,” she pointed out.

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