Aged 93 years old who spent 26 years in analogous work as slaves saved – General

Authorities rescue 93-year-old man who worked in condition
Aged 93 years old slept in a room with leaks and a window without glass, through which insects and poisonous animals could enter (photo: Reproduction/Social networks)

The Public Ministry of Labor (MPT) reported this Friday (11/19) that a 93-year-old elderly man was rescued in conditions similar to slavery, on November 2, on a farm in the rural area of ​​the Minas Gerais municipality of So Joo del -King. The inspection report – carried out after an anonymous complaint was sent to the MPT – indicates that the man worked for 26 years in degrading conditions for the owner of the place.

The action was carried out jointly between the Federal Police and fiscal auditors from the Regional Superintendence of Labor of Minas Gerais.

According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the man exercised, for more than two decades, the role of caretaker on the farm without a formal contract, holidays and 13th salary. Furthermore, “the house provided by the masters was in terrible condition, with the roof broken, the veranda on the verge of collapsing, the ceilings rotted and the electrical wires exposed and full of hacks”.

“The worker’s wife said during the action that it was necessary to turn off the light clock when it rained to avoid the risk of electric shocks, the couple, therefore, getting wet, cold and in the dark. The family tried, in vain, to avoid the leaks by gluing masking tape to the ceiling,” says Labor inspector Luciano Rezende.

It was also verified in the bathroom of the house that the toilet flush had not worked for many years, forcing the family to use buckets. There was also no sink for hand washing. The couple used a bowl to do needs in the room.

Also according to the auditor, “the elderly worker was required to sleep in a room with leaks and a window without glass, through which insects and poisonous animals could enter”. Therefore, this situation “subjected the employee to the elements – such as wind, cold and rain – in a cold climate region”, adds Rezende, noting that the pattern of the employer’s other properties on the property contrasts with the caretaker’s house.

House provided by the pats.
According to the complaint, the house provided by the bosses was in terrible condition. (photo: MPT/Disclosure)

12 infraction notices were drawn up, and the owner of the farm was notified to collect the FGTS due to the worker, who was taken in by relatives after being removed from the analogous condition of slavery, explains the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Finally, the auditors determined the regularization of the employee’s registration and the payment of the rights subtracted from the beginning of the work.

“All the information contained in the inspection report will instruct the investigation procedure that will be conducted here at MPT. Redressing the situation will be sought, either through administrative means by signing a Term of Adjustment of Conduct (TAC), or through the courts, through a Public Civil Action (ACP)”, explains Labor Attorney Fernanda Brito Pereira, responsible for the ongoing inquiry.