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With less than two months in the position, Alberto Valentim can already win his first title as coach of Athletico. Announced on October 1st, he has the challenge of commanding Hurricane in the South American decision, against Bragantino, in Montevideo – it will be his first match in the competition.

The very final starts at 5 pm (GMT), at Estádio Centenário. ge follows the game in real time and broadcasts a pre-game, on video, starting at 4:10 pm.

  • Hurricane x Gross Mass: ge will broadcast pre-game live on the site; check how to watch

Alberto Valentim was hired by Athletico just one day after the team passed by Peñarol and secured a spot in the competition’s decision. He replaced António Oliveira, who had been fired in September.

At a press conference this Friday, in Uruguay, Valentim spoke about such a quick change in his career and having the first of two finals ahead of him (the Hurricane also has the Copa do Brasil ahead of him).

An opportunity for us, for the club, for me who just arrived. Make a mark in the club’s history, enjoy these moments and give yourself to the fullest.

— Alberto Valentim, Athletic coach

– I even talked about other opportunities when I arrived, about my happiness in defending as a coach. And at the moment of the very important season, to compete for an international title, to be a two-time champion. I’m making the most of it, I’ve already thanked everyone for being here, working very hard so that we can give the title to the fans, the board, athletes who have done a lot and deserve it – said Valentim.

As a player, Alberto Valentim played for Athletico between 1996 and 1999 and returned in 2008 and 2009, when he ended his career as right-back. In the Hurricane, he won the Libertadores selective, in 1999, and was champion of Paraná in 2009.

– I remember well, in 1999, when the Arena was inaugurated, the president said that he would be champion in five years in Brazil, a leap in quality in infrastructure, become a protagonist. At the age of two, he was Brazilian champion, then Brazilian vice-president. I spent some time away, I went to play abroad, but Athletico was a pioneer in several factors and today it is reaping the fruits of a very serious management, a power that only thinks about growing – recalled the now coach.

Valentim has the chance to become champion as coach of Athletico — Photo: Fabio Wosniak/Athletico

Unique game, strong marking and attention

Alberto Valentim also pointed out some strategies for Athletico to face Bragantino. With the decision in a single game, the coach drew attention to the details and wants Hurricane turned on to get the title out.

– When it comes to a unique game, we have to heal these details even more, with greater attention. Passing the videos and training, all the possible information, what we need to correct, to repeat good things we did. Maximum attention game from start to finish – analyzed.

About Athletico’s posture, the coach doesn’t intend to change the way the team has adopted in the last matches and expects balance when attacking and also when he’s out of the ball.

– We will not win in a disorganized way. Team that does great work, whether offensive or defensive. Let’s not change. We have our strategies, we have studied the way he plays, the quality of Ortiz on the way out. We have players in the offensive phase who know how to start well. Mainly against teams that have quality in the ball. Let’s repeat. Let’s score strong, to be able to cancel out their creations well – commented.

Athletico and Bragantino decide the title of the Sudamericana on Saturday, at 5 pm (GMT) at the Estádio Centenário, in Montevideo – ge follows everything in real time. It’s unique game. In case of a tie in normal time, the match goes to extra time. If the tie persists, the decision will be on penalties.

Athletic Schedule 🌪️

  • Athletic x Bragantino: 11/20, Saturday, 5 pm – Centenary (South American)
  • São Paulo x Athletic: 11/24, Wednesday, 9:30 pm – Morumbi
  • Corinthians x Athletic: 11/28, Sunday, 4 pm – Neo Química Arena
  • Athletic x Cuiabá: 12/3, Friday, 7pm – Arena da Baixada
  • Athletic x Palm Trees: 06/12, Monday, 7pm – Arena da Baixada
  • Sport x Athletic: 12/09, Thursday, 9:30 pm – Ilha do Retiro

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