Alexandre Nero drives fans crazy by posing shirtless on the web

Alexandre Nero caused a real tsunami on social media, this Friday afternoon(19). The actor, famous for having played Comendador José Alfredo in Império, on TV Globo, posed shirtless in a sequence of daring clicks.

In the Instagram post, Nero displayed his chest, wearing sunglasses in random poses. “1 2 3 testing. Taking a test here to try to understand the language of the algorithm, the eyes of the networks and the triad of engagement (humor, controversy and nudes)”, he wrote in the caption.


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The unusual sequence of the heartthrob won a veritable shower of praise and messages of affection from fans in the comments.

“This man is very handsome”

For me it only appears nudes. I’m grateful for this one”, commented a follower. “This man is very handsome, Brazil! I loved these daring photos”, wrote another. “That it?!? Best marketing in the world of the music industry”, highlighted a third.

children’s arrival

Recently, Alexandre Nero spoke about the arrival of children in his life. The actor spoke with Jornal O Globo at the time and opened his heart.

“With their loss[os pais], I created a mechanism to forget about things. I blocked some memories for survival reasons. As children are born, you also realize that your father is there! What is genetics, right? I’m a nonstandard parent. When my first child was born, I was 45 years old. I never really cared about children, you know? I’ve always flirted with death. I was in the life to kill or die. I wasn’t afraid of anything. I did crazy things“, he said.

And he added: “I didn’t know how to play, I didn’t know how to talk, how to treat. I went looking for a pedagogue, videos, books. I was also educated on the basis of screaming and hitting. And that’s okay. But it’s not right. Nobody is going to build a building without knowing how to do it. So why are you going to raise a child without knowing how? I defend the idea of ​​society thinking of a way to give it a base”, said.

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