Aline questions MC Gui’s removal

Aline Mineiro and MC Gui, pawns of “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV), had a brief DR after the recording of “Hora do Faro”. The funkeiro, who discussed with Marina Ferrari and Rico Melquiades at the time, justified his change of behavior to the ex-panicat.

“You’ve changed a lot of face. Do you know what you’ve changed? You’re a baby,” began Aline, who was interrupted by the pawn. “I changed because of the whole, Aline, it’s not just yours. When I stand up, I’m the ‘know it all’,” said the funk player.

“You just told me you don’t care what others say, you now care what others say you’re the ‘know it all’?” asked the ex-panicat.

“I changed, […] Will I be like this with everyone? I’ll be like, ‘Dude, can you talk about me because I like you’? I’m going to frown,” stated the MC.

“No, it’s not like that, but with the specific people who like you. With me you closed off, you were all baby to me”, lamented the girl.

“Why would I close myself off with you if I wouldn’t vote for you? I didn’t have any power that I could put you in the fields”, asked MC Gui and Aline countered:

No, buddy, but forget about farming, if you have to vote for me, I’ll get here and I’ll like you anyway because this is a game. I’m not talking about farmland, I’m talking about the relationship we had to bump into each other in the house, you give each other a hug, a smile. Aline Mineiro

“But it’s a fact, you just have to look to the side and see who’s on your side, Rico,” explained MC Gui. Aline, then, exemplified the example of Valentina, eliminated last night, who reconciled her friendship with Dayane with her relationship with her ex-panicat.

“Your justification doesn’t stick, it has nothing to do with it,” she said. “But Valentina isn’t me, I can’t sell from abroad, I don’t like it, I’m not like that. The moments you’re by his side that I’m totally uncomfortable with,” countered MC Gui.

“What about the moments when I’m not with him?” Aline asked. “Either you’re sleeping or I’m playing with you,” replied the funkeiro.

“Your toba, my love. You’ve changed, you don’t have that nice smile you used to do anymore, you were always playful, you lost it”, continued the ex-panicat;

“You always have the freedom to talk to me, say, ‘Friend, is everything alright?’. It wasn’t just you, I did it with everyone,” said the MC and the two continued to settle down.

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