Apple Autonomous Electric Car to be released in 2025 without steering wheel and pedals – Link

iPhone maker Apple is the world’s highest rated company with more than $2.4 trillion

Apple intends to launch its electric car in 2025 and is reworking the project to focus on full autonomous driving features, published Bloomberg on Thursday, 18, citing sources familiar with the matter.

Apple’s car will have no steering wheel and pedals, and the interior will be designed for hands-free driving, according to people close to the project, internally dubbed “Project Titan” — plans to launch that vehicle were first unveiled in 2014, when the company began designing a vehicle that could move around the streets on its own.

Bloomberg wrote that despite recent progress, some people working on the project are skeptical about the deadline. Among the latest advances are the vehicle’s autonomous steering system, microprocessors and sensors, without going into detail.

“It’s a question of when, not if,” said Wedbush analyst Dan Ives, adding that Apple’s chances of launching its own vehicle by 2025 are 60% to 65%.

It is not yet clear whether the iPhone owner should launch a car designed by herself, as she traditionally does in her product line, or whether she will join other automakers in the market. In recent years, rumors have surfaced that the company could team up with names like Hyundai, Audi and BMW to launch the vehicle.

Apple shares were up about 3% at 4:34 pm, after publication by Bloomberg. The company did not comment on the matter.

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