Araranguá receives 2,862 doses from Pfizer, but will not undergo Multivaccination D-day

The Department of Health of Santa Catarina (SES), through the Directorate of Epidemiological Surveillance (DIVE), distributes this Friday morning, 19, a new shipment with 337,460 doses of vaccine against Covid-19. With this shipment, Santa Catarina municipalities will have more doses to vaccinate adults and adolescents on Saturday, 20th, when the D-day of the Megavaccination Campaign against Covid-19 will be held.

Of the total number of doses sent, 61,698 will be from Pfizer, for the application of the first dose in adolescents aged 12 to 17 who have not yet been vaccinated; 99,102 from Pfizer for the application of the second dose to those who have already met the eight-week interval of the first application; 67,830 from Pfizer for the booster dose for adults 18 years of age or older who have had both doses of vaccine five months or more ago; and 108,830 doses of Coronavac for the application of the second dose in adults who have already completed the 28-day interval for the first application.

Check it out here the dose distribution table, by municipality, and the information passed on to the Municipal Health Departments.

Of the 15 municipalities of Amesc, only Araranguá will receive doses of Pfizer and according to information from the Department of Health, will not carry out the Multivaccination campaign against Covid-19, this Saturday, the 20th. Vaccinations will be carried out during the week covering a specific audience that will still be decided by the Ministry.

Joining the Mega Vaccination Campaign against COVID-19

Last Wednesday, the 17th, at a meeting held between the State Health Department of Santa Catarina and representatives of the Municipal Health Departments, the state’s participation in the National Megavaccination Campaign against COVID-19 was agreed. Thus, from this Saturday, 20, all adults aged 18 or over who have completed the vaccination schedule with two doses for at least five months can receive the booster dose. The vaccine applied as a booster dose will preferably be Pfizer.

A survey carried out by the Department of Health shows that 385,442 people are already able to take the booster dose. This number jumps to 533,431 in the month of December.

“For those who took the first dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 and are within the deadline to take the second, D-Day will also be a great opportunity to update the vaccination schedule”, recalled immunization manager Arieli Schiessl Fialho. The interval between the first and second dose for those taking Coronavac is 28 days; for those who took the Pfizer, eight weeks; and AstraZeneca, 12 weeks.

The state now has more than 660,000 people who are late with the second dose, according to a DIVE survey last Wednesday, 16. Of this total, 188,284 are people who took AstraZeneca, 139,978 from Coronavac and 332,341 from Pfizer. As municipalities have the autonomy to define vaccination strategies and actions, it is important that the population pay attention to information from the municipality in which they reside in order to know the times and places of vaccination.

Distribution of doses

The start of vaccine distribution will be on the morning of this Friday, the 18th. The doses from the regional centers of Greater Florianópolis, Itajaí, Criciúma, Tubarão, Araranguá, Jaraguá do Sul, Joinville, Mafra, Lages, Rio do Sul and Blumenau will be transported by car . The doses from the São Miguel do Oeste, Chapecó, Concórdia, Xanxerê, Joaçaba and Videira plants will be transported by the Military Fire Department plane.