Assiduous at the Brazilian Nationals, Guga highlights Atlético-MG prepared to seek title: “We understand what to do” | athletic-mg

Being considered the team’s reserve is a point of view. In the case of full-back Guga, he has more games than Mariano, who is, in theory, the starting lineup in the sector. Assiduous at the Brazilian Nationals, the young player highlighted that Atlético-MG is prepared to confirm the 2021 points straight champion campaign.

Galo is the leader with 71 points. There’s even a chance of being champion mathematically on Tuesday, as long as they beat Juventude and Palmeiras, and Flamengo don’t beat Internacional and Grêmio.

– There’s little, we know, it’s necessary that we keep what we’ve been doing since the beginning of the year. We found a way to play, to defend ourselves. We know when the game offers us danger, so that we can come back for more and regain confidence in the match.

“The end of the year, the end of the championship, we understand everything we have to do. Just put it into practice, don’t lose focus. There’s a little to go”

Guga side, from Atlético-MG — Photo: Pedro Souza/Atlético-MG

Starting against Athletico-PR, last Tuesday, Guga was replaced at the end of the game, tired. Mariano took his place. Guga has 23 games in Serie A 2021. Only behind Tchê Tchê, among those considered reserves. Mariano has 20 apparitions.

– We know that to win the championship, we need everyone. (…) It is a group that whoever enters maintains the level, or even elevates the performances. If you put it down on paper, everyone has been very important so far. It’s what gives us the condition to fight for the title, to be close to achieving a great feat – he completed.

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