At Faro, Valentina is shocked by Dayane’s lines: “Shame on me!”

It seems that Valentina Francavilla is slowly recovering from the blow she suffered after her elimination from A Fazenda 13. During the recording of the Hora do Faro program, this Friday (11/19), Ratinho’s former stage assistant revealed that she was in shock with everything he has been discovering about model Dayane Mello.

“It’s very hard to say that I was manipulated, but looking back, I was. I’m in shock and ashamed of myself,” said Valentina. The ninth outcast from Record TV’s rural reality show almost cried while watching some scenes of the confinement and was extremely perplexed to discover Dayane’s prejudiced lines within the game.


The painting A Fazenda: Última Chance, by Rodrigo Faro, showed all the comments that the ex-Gran Fratello VIP made about Marina Ferrari’s body, Mileide Mihaile’s skin color and Aline Mineiro’s hair. Will the friendship of the Italians last out here?

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