Atlético-MG secures 21 straight rounds at the top and meets opponents taking the lead | athletic-mg

It was in front of the next opponent, but in the 1st round, that Atlético-MG won and assumed the leadership of the Brazilian Championship, never to give up again, until then. On Saturday, at Mineirão, Galo meets Juventude, rival for the “ascension” to the top of the Minas Gerais club, in the 15th round.

There are 21 guaranteed rounds (and followed) with Atlético at the top.

According to the current score, 71 points, Atlético could only be overtaken, in the worst case scenario, after the 36th round. Therefore, Galo leads the Brazilian from the 15th to, at least, the 35th round, when he visits Palmeiras.

So long in the leadership consolidates the Minas Gerais club to be champion again after 50 years of the first and only title, in 1971.

Hulk in Youth 1×2 Atlético in the first round — Photo: Pedro Souza/Atlético-MG

– The idea is to seek victory, put us in even better condition in the competition, depending on what happens in the round. We have to do our part, whether inside or outside, to seek victory and the title – evaluated captain Rever.

Athletic has never been so long at the top of the Brazilian Nationals. In 2012, when he was runner-up, Galo (also from Cuca) played for 15 rounds (7th-21st). In 2015, again runner-up, Atlético’s leadership lasted seven rounds (11th to 16th), the same time as in 2020, when it was third place and was three points from the title.

With the final straight approaching, it is already possible to have a solid view of the Brazilian table at each round, with delayed games being played. On Tuesday, Flamengo will play against Grêmio, a delayed match in the 2nd round. Galo has a match against Bahia, in the 32nd round, scheduled for December 2nd.