Australia’s ‘health benefit’ encourages masturbation | Health



An unusual publication by the Queensland state government in Australia has drawn attention in recent weeks.

The post, entitled “Give yourself a helping hand”, is a campaign that encourages masturbation as a beneficial practice for health and stimulates dialogue on the subject. An initiative of the state health department, the publication drew the attention of internet users, who faced the matter in a very good mood.

Accompanied by eye-catching infographics and based on research on the topic, the publication, which was also posted on the government’s website, deals with the benefits for general and sexual health, ways to introduce the subject among young people, the stigmas related to the practice and of consent. In comments, citizens thanked the government for the idea. Some said they had “the day saved” by the post.

“Thanks, Queensland Health. I just spit my coffee all over the place laughing so hard,” wrote one netizen. “I love it! I just followed the advice and it works!”, joked another follower. “This is brilliant! More conversations like this need to be had! Talk to your kids!! It’s not difficult. It’s better for them to hear it from a parent than from someone else!” commented a third netizen.

In the publication, the government guides the population about the relationship with their own body and reminds that masturbation is a form of safe sex. “Regardless of your relationship, age, sexuality or gender identity, it’s a healthy way to learn more about your body, with many surprising health benefits,” reads the beginning of the article.

The Queensland government article also points out that regular practice can release endorphins that aid mental well-being, help reduce menstrual cramps and even speed up labor, although, they say, “it could be the last thing you think about in doing it right away”.

Another aspect addressed by the initiative is consent, in the case of masturbation with another person. “Ask each other’s permission, pay attention to changes in body language, and remember that people can change their minds at any time.”

With young people, who are subjected to a series of stigmas and myths about sexual practices, the Queensland government guides and encourages an open and prepared dialogue when approaching the subject.

“It is important that we all work towards normalizing positive sex messages about masturbation to reduce the associated feelings of shame and fear in our youth,” says the publication.