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Glauber War

01/30/2019 – 14:05

De Chapa: With Kappa, Vitória will launch popular shirt at R$ 100

Next to announcing Kappa as its new sports supplier, Vitória will launch an official shirt with a more accessible price. The initial idea is for the garment to cost R$100, according to a statement by the Column of Plate, from Bahia Notícias. In the negotiation with Kappa, Ricardo David, president of the club, asked for the inclusion of the “popular line”.

12/05/2018 – 13:55

De Chapa: Unirb joins FBF and intends to compete in Serie B do Baiano in 2019

Unirb (Faculdade Regional da Bahia) joined the Bahia Federation of Football (FBF) and is the newest sports association in the state. Column De Chapa, from Bahia Notícias, found that the entity intends to compete in the B Series of the Bahia Championship as early as 2019. In addition, the club will set up categories of base divisions. The team’s headquarters will be in Mata de São João.

Female Whirlwind

11/19/2021 – 10:10 am

Female Tourbillon: Ant’s farewell to the Brazilian team

Farewell is not saying goodbye! It’s missing you! That will be my feeling when veteran Formiga no longer plays for the Brazilian team. The official farewell will be at the International Tournament, between November 25th and December 1st in Manaus, at Arena da Amazônia. It will be in the first game, against India.

11/12/2021 – 09:10

Women’s Tourbillon – Reinforcement for Women’s Football: Launches the Brasil Ladies Cup

The women’s football calendar has been boosted! Today Brasil Ladies Cup debuts. The project arrives to present us with a week dedicated to women’s football in our country and will take place until December 19 in the city of São Paulo.

Ulysses Range

10/29/2021 – 09:35 AM

Opinion: Enjoy the story written by Gilberto’s right foot

Football is marked by cycles and these cycles are shorter and shorter over the years. In the past, teams played together for several seasons. Today, if there was no limit, the same player would play for five clubs in the same competition. Few are able to get out of this condition.

07/19/2021 – 11:35 AM

Opinion: Dado took risks and took on a problem at Bahia

Bahia took five from Flamengo and one of the main culprits is Dado Cavalcanti. This was clear for everyone to see. The champion coach of the Northeast had a week of four losses and could have had five if not for the last-minute release of right-back Nino Paraíba, but he made choices he shouldn’t.