Biden forgives turkeys for the 1st time before Thanksgiving; ceremony is traditional in the US | World

This means that the forgiven turkeys, baptized Peanut Butter (peanut butter) and jelly (jam), they won’t turn into dinner on the next holiday, next Thursday. It is the first time Biden has done this since taking office.

Joe Biden forgives turkey Peanut Butter at White House ceremony this Friday (19); US poultry industry representatives attend the event — Photo: Susan Walsh/AP Photo

Peanut Butter and Jelly Turkeys Pardoned at the White House this Friday (19) before Thanksgiving — Photo: Susan Walsh/AP Photo

“It’s important to continue traditions like this to remember how there is hope, light and progress after darkness, and that’s what this Thanksgiving is this year,” added Biden.

In addition, the US president celebrated that Americans — or most of them — will be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with their families vaccinated against Covid-19. The country still encounters resistance to vaccines, not even 60% of people are fully vaccinated.

“Let’s reconnect with our traditions, with our tables and hearts full of grace and gratitude for all who made this possible,” said Biden, citing scientists, researchers, doctors, nurses and other professionals working to combat the coronavirus.

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