Bil shocks fans with dancing to a song by Marília Mendonça

At the tenth party of “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV), tonight, Bil Araújo sang and danced to the sound of “Ciumeira”, by Marília Mendonça, and moved fans of the reality show for being the singer’s security guard, who died on the last November 5th, as a result of an air accident in Minas Gerais, before he became famous.

On the dance floor, the former “BBB 21” realized that the music played was by the artist and announced to the other pedestrians “É a Marília”. Afterwards, he grabbed a penguin from the decoration of the event and danced with a wide smile on his face.

On social networks, fans of “A Fazenda 2021” were touched by the scene because the model worked as a security guard for Marília Mendonça before gaining fame with realities and is not aware of the tragic death of the artist.

The ADMs of Bil Araújo also made a point of registering on Twitter the moment when the participant sang and danced to the sound of “Ciumeira”.

Marília and Bil met for professional reasons

Bil Araújo and Marília Mendonça met for professional reasons when he was hired to be their first security guard at the beginning of his career. At the time, the artist used to refer to the physical instructor by his nickname and did not know that his registered name is Arcrebiano.

Mendonça only learned the model’s real name when he was selected for the “Pipoca” team of “Big Brother Brasil 21”, on TV Globo. At the time, when the network began to reveal the participants of the edition, the countrywoman was surprised to discover the real nickname of the former security guard, and joked about the fact on Twitter.

“I’m really hurt because I didn’t know his name was Arcrebian kkkkkkkkkkkkk,” she wrote. “As much as I find that nickname meaningless now. It could be Crebi… more authentic,” he added.

In February of this year, while participating in the program “Conversa com Bial”, with the presenter Pedro Bial, the singer spoke again about her relationship with Bil Araújo, and emphasized that the pawn is a “very good and super humble person”.

“He is very good people. Super humble. He was my first security guard in my first year of career. I called him Bil”, he said. “I found out he was called Arcrebiano when he was selected for ‘BBB’. I scrolled through some posts on my Twitter and saw the photo and a comment from Maraisa. no, it’s not possible that Arcrebiano and Bil are the same person'”, he joked.

During his stay at “BBB 21”, the physical instructor talked about the time he worked for the famous woman, as well as the duo Maraia and Maraisa, in a chat with Caio and Rodolffo. At the time, he said they are “too good people”.

Peão was treated well by Marília, says Bil’s mother

Ana Maria Araújo, mother of the pawn, highlighted the importance that Marília Mendonça had in the life of her son, who, according to her, was recommended by friends to work alongside the artist, and accompanied her at shows, and was quite happy while providing services to backcountry.

“He always came home very happy and spoke highly of her. ‘Marília is a human being who has no explanation because she is so wonderful. She’s humble, she helps me,’ he said. And I hoped that one day I would be able to meet her. My son he promised that one day he would take me to a show, but there was no time,” he said.

For Ana Maria, the news of the singer’s death will make the ex-BBB sad when he leaves confinement.

“For my son, it will be a shock. He will be devastated, even sad. The Arcrebiano had the opportunity to get to know not only the artist side of Marília Mendonça, but also who she was intimately, and he always told me she was a wonderful person. . I know that God will comfort his heart, as he is doing with her family and fans. If I could, I would have thanked her personally for the professional opportunity she gave my son,” he declared.

On the day of Marília Mendonça’s death, Bil Araújo’s Instagram profile offered condolences to the singer’s family and to the other victims of the accident, and pointed out that “surely [ele] will be very shaken when he receives the news.”

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