‘Bolsa de Valores das Favelas’ opens today with ‘IPO’ of 2 companies

Getty Images/Joao Gurgel

Getty Images/Joao Gurgel

Investment takes place through the purchase of DIVIs, which is a fraction of the business

THE “Slum Stock Exchange”, an initiative created by the G10, a bloc led by the communities with the greatest economic potential in the country, starts operating today with the “IPO” of two companiess. THE Favela Brasil Xpress, a platform that operates in places where conventional delivery applications do not reach, such as Paraisópolis, Heliópolis and Capão Redondo, in São Paulo, Rocinha and Vila Cruzeiro, in Rio, and the G10 Bank Holdings are the first companies to be opened to investors in this format.

According to data from the Outdoor Social Inteligência research institute, collected in 2021, of the more than 289 thousand businesses registered in six thousand communities across the country, 125 thousand are from the G10, which corresponds to 43.5% and shows that entrepreneurship it is a reality in the favelas of Brazil.

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In this context, the Stock Exchange was born, which already has 16 other projects ready to launch public offerings. The initial investment in Favela Brasil Express can be made from R$ 10 through the DIVI•hub platform, which has permission from the Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM) to regulate the assets. With the acquisition, the investor receives all income based on profits or revenues.

“We have a huge gear capable of maintaining itself locally and making the whole territory move towards economic evolution. They are solid projects, which remained in the crisis, withstood the lockdown and are more than able to reach high levels in the growing billing curve”, emphasizes Emília Rabello, founder of the research institute, in a statement.

The investment is made through the purchase of DIVIs, which is a fraction of the business. In the future, the owners of DIVIs will also be able to negotiate the assets with other investors and at the stipulated price, also opening up another front of financial gains.

“Everyone will be able to own a little piece of a G10 Favelas project and receive income back for it,” says DIVI•hub CEO Ricardo Wendel. “And we are also going to participate in this endeavor and donate all DIVI•hub remuneration to the G10 Favelas for the purchase of food baskets”, he adds.