Boston local broadcast makes brutal live fun with Russell Westbrook


Local TV broadcasts of sports games do not hide their loyalty to the teams in their city, but they tend to respect opponents. Not so much this Friday, when the Lakers visited the Celtics in Boston.

The Celtics beat the Lakers 130-108 thanks in part to the strong performance of former Laker Dennis Schroder, who scored 21 points, six assists and six rebounds as a replacement for the injured Jaylen Brown. However, that’s not what the NBC Sports Boston team focused on after the game. Instead, he opted to make a brutal attempt to find out how much the Lakers are paying Russell Westbrook, captioned during an interview by Dennis Schroder shortly after the game.


It’s not clear if this should actually air or if it was a backstage joke that accidentally came to light. Whatever the case, don’t expect the Lakers to be happy about it.

Still, the Lakers have an 8-9 campaign and aren’t getting consistent output from Westbrook, who has struggled to fit into the team. On Friday, the point guard contributed just 12 points from 5 of 13 shots, plus six assists and four rebounds. Schroder, meanwhile, shot more efficiently than Westbrook and wasted the ball less often for the Celtics.

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