“Brazilian invasion” and “capital of continental football”: Uruguayan newspapers highlight the Sudamericana final | South American Cup

The final of the Copa Sudamericana, between Athletico and Red Bull Bragantino, is among the highlights in the Uruguayan newspapers this Saturday. The teams face off at 17:00 (GMT and also local time), at the Centenário stadium. ge follows it all in real time, with pre-game video starting at 4:10 pm.

The match didn’t have more space because of the departure of coach Óscar Tabárez from the Uruguay national team, announced on Friday. The end of the coaching era at Celeste after 15 years occupies several pages and on the covers of Uruguayan newspapers. Even so, the three main press in the country did not fail to value the final among Brazilian teams in the Uruguayan capital.

Newspaper El Observador headline about the Sudamericana final — Photo: Rodrigo Saviani

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The sequence of continental finals in Montevideo is one of the points highlighted by the Uruguayan press. The Sudamericana will be the first of three decisions in the city. On Sunday, Montevideo receives the decision of the women’s Libertadores, between Independiente Santa Fé-COL and Corinthians, at Parque Central stadium. On the 27th, Saturday, it will be the Libertadores men’s feat, with Flamengo and Palmeiras, also in Centenário.

“The party begins at Centenário” is the call of El Observador, highlighting precisely this sequence of games in the stadium that hosted the final of the first World Cup. At the Daily La R, the headline is for “Uruguay in the eyes of America and the world”, highlighting the return of a continental final to the Uruguayan capital after ten years – the last time was at Peñarol e Santos, by Libertadores de 2011.

The presence of Brazilian fans is also highlighted. O the country cites that the capital was “invaded by Brazilian tourists eager to see the final”.

O Daily La R points out that 2,100 people were registered from Wednesday to 12:00 on Friday, according to the agency responsible for migration and immigration. The newspaper also mentions the security reinforcement near the Centenário stadium. The forecast is that this number will increase with the arrival of more Brazilians this Saturday. O the observer points out that the expected audience is 15 thousand people.

The newspaper also values ​​the final in the Uruguayan capital — Photo: Rodrigo Saviani

O the country headlines the “celestial touch” of the final, with Uruguayans David Terans, from Athletico, and Emiliano Martínez, from Bragantino. The newspaper recalls that the two have already faced each other in the local derby between Peñarol (Terans) and Nacional (Martínez). The vehicle also comments on the renovations that the Centenário stadium underwent, costing approximately six million dollars (R$33 million, at the current price).

Tábarez’s departure is the main sporting issue, along with Athletico x Bragantino — Photo: Rodrigo Saviani

Hurricane is looking for the bi-championship of the competition, after having won the first cup in 2018. This year, the team reaches the decision after beating Peñarol, from Uruguay, in the semifinal. In 12 games played at the Sudamericana, there were ten wins and two defeats.

Massa Bruta, which returns to compete in an international competition after 25 years, seeks the first continental title in the club’s history. In the semifinal, Bragantino eliminated Libertad, from Paraguay. The team’s campaign in the Sudamericana has nine wins, one draw and two defeats.

Athletico and Bragantino decide the South American title in a single game. In case of a tie in normal time, the match goes to extra time. If the tie persists, the decision will be on penalties.