Britney Spears criticizes Christina Aguilera’s stance in an interview

Shack pop alert! Last night (18), during the Latin Grammy 2021, the singer Christina Aguilera was talking to journalists when she was asked about the end of the guardianship of Britney Spears. To everyone’s amazement, the artist said that could not comment on the case, quickly calling her advisor to get her out of that situation! Before leaving, she just said “I’m happy for her” and turned his back on reporters.

Tonight (19), Britney posted a story on his official Instagram profile commenting on the situation. “I love and adore everyone who supported me… But refusing to speak when you know the truth is tantamount to lying!!!“, wrote the pop princess.

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13 years of being in a corrupt and abusive system, why is it still a difficult topic for people to talk about??? I was the one who went through this!!!! All supporters who spoke and supported me, thank you… Yes, I do matter“, he wrote Britney Spears.

Later, Britney even shared an excerpt of an interview from Lady Gaga where she talks about the singer and her guardianship. “Thank you Lady Gaga for genuinely taking the time to say something so kind. You made me cry! I love you“, he wrote.

Photo: reproduction – Instagram (@britneyspears)

Madonna is helping Britney Spears closely after guardianship ends

Madonna declared support for Britney Spears several times while the pop princess was fighting for the end of her guardianship. Now that the court has finally ruled that you are free, Madonna she hasn’t been defeated – she wants to make sure that all the injustices committed against her friend are cleared up. That’s what Page Six reports.

The support of Madonna The Britney Spears happens behind the scenes, without making a fuss in the media and social networks. Sources claim she was “in contact with Britney Spears several times” in the months before the final decision.

Madonna had always had a crush on Britney and couldn’t sit still when she felt there were clear injustices going on.”, said the source.

Even though now that it’s all sorted out, Madonna keeps showing support and plans to keep fighting for her friend. “Madonna is waging a war”, said the source. “She is determined to fix the mistakes Britney had to endure. She has offered to help in any way she could and is not afraid to speak up or intervene if necessary. ”.

Page Six says that the contact between the two has been limited since the tutelage began in 2008. “She hasn’t even been allowed to have a phone for a period of time.“. Now, that friendship returns firm and strong.

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