Brusque wins Operário-PR and guarantees his permanence in Serie B

Brusque guaranteed the permanence in Serie B of the Brazilian Championship with a fantastic victory by 2-0 over Operário-PR this Friday, 19th, at Augusto Bauer stadium, for the 37th round. Airton opened the scoring after nine minutes of the first half, and Maurício Garcez closed the score after 25 minutes. Marreco reaches 47 points and has no further relegation risk.

The match set a new record for audience and income in the Covid-19 pandemic: 1,733 people (total audience) at Augusto Bauer, with gross income of R$50,200. The records were from the previous match, against the CRB.

Bruscão dominates

The home team had an excellent performance in the first half, especially in the first half hour of play. Good movements, precise passes and the strength to get the second ball, without letting the Operário get closer through a counterattack.

The score was opened with a great goal after nine minutes. Fillipe Soutto served Garcez, who, while suffering the load from behind, threw to Edu. The Emperor, first, made a fantastic Airton pass, which started free on the left. He dominated, advanced and shot into the back of the net.

At various times, the score could have been expanded, but one last detail was lacking in decisions that were not the best. The fans stirred up Augusto Bauer with a lot of support for the players.

No danger

Around 30 minutes, the pace naturally slowed down, but the quadricolor prevailed. Operário arrived well when Paulo Sérgio received a low ball crossed in the penalty area and filled his foot. The defense was very good to block. The number 9 of the Fantasma still asked for a penalty, but there was nothing.

The Worker had difficulties finding spaces and finishing. He wasn’t competent in aerial balls, facing a well-placed defense, nor in shots from outside the area. At 40, in a free-kick, Airton rose with mastery. Edu couldn’t adjust to the header, but the offside was marked.

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only Brusque

The quadricolor started the second half with everything. In the second minute, Airton advanced on the left and passed to Garcez at the edge of the area. The shirt 30 hit the goal, the ball deflected on defense and hit the crossbar of Operário.

Garcez was one of the standouts, getting fouls in the middle with good dribbling. At five, with a live ball in the area, he amended a bicycle, but the ball went in the middle and Thiago Braga held it.

At 18, Edu received it from Zé Mateus and kicked, but Thiago Braga made a beautiful save for a corner. At 22, Foguinho, a new four-colored darling, pulled a nice counterattack, entered the area and kicked. The midfielder had replaced Thiago Alagoano, who was applauded by the fan.

The tone of the match changed little. Thiago Braga was much more demanding in the second half than Ruan Carneiro. The defense of Brusque continued well, with an Operário midfield that didn’t get big chances.

Final blow

Maurício Garcez deserved his goal, he got it, in the 25th minute. Edu won excellent by the play on the right, dominated, straightened and raised for his attacking partner, who, free of marking, sent it to the back of the open goal. New explosion in Augusto Bauer, with more than 1,700 emotional.

The game sequence had fans turning on their phone lights, cheering chants, applause and tranquility. Again around 30 minutes, Operário had the ball in the intermediate, but remained with difficulties.

Only at the end was there any danger to the Brusque goal, but not to the result of the game. At 45, Rafael Oller sent a bludger from outside the area and Ruan Carneiro made a beautiful save. At 47, with a live ball in the area, the goalkeeper made another save in the reflex.

After the final whistle, the players celebrated the achievement, with the crowd cheering and chanting the players’ names, including a request for their own stadium.

next game

Brusque ends its participation in Serie B 2021, facing Goiás at 4 pm on Sunday, 28, at Serrinha Stadium, in Goiânia, for the 38th round.

Brusque 2×0 Operário-PR

Brazilian Championship – Series B
37th round
Friday, November 19, 2021
Augusto Bauer Stadium

brusch: Ruan Carneiro; Toty, Ianson, Everton German, Airton; Zé Mateus, Rodolfo Potiguar, Fillipe Soutto; Thiago Alagoano, Maurício Garcez; Edu.
Technician: Waguinho Dias

factory worker: Thiago Braga; Lucas Mendes, Fábio Alemão, Odivan, Fabiano; Reniê, Guedes; Felipe Garcia, Rafael Chorão, Thomaz; Paulo Sergio.
Technician: Ricardo Catalá

Arbitration trio (MG): Felipe Fernandes de Lima, assisted by Fernanda Nândrea Gomes Antunes (FIFA) and Leonardo Henrique Pereira.

Video referee: Marco Aurelio Augusto Fazekas Ferreira

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