Caixa finances land purchase and property construction; see how to order

For those looking for land and their own home, Caixa has an ideal credit line. Through bank financing, you can buy land, and build the house of your dreams. Furthermore, it is possible to finance only the construction. Below, check out how to order the service.

Caixa must finance the purchase of solar panels for homes

Caixa finances land purchase and property construction

If you already own a property and want to finance the purchase of building material, be sure to check out the Construcard Caixa card. Through it, you can enjoy the benefits of the network of associated stores throughout Brazil.

In short, Caixa’s housing loan is provided by the Housing Finance System (SFH) and is guaranteed by chattel mortgages. In other words, your property is the guarantee of the loan.

You can even use the FGTS balance to finance the property, one of the conditions being that the worker has at least 3 years of formal contract. Furthermore, the property must be in the same municipality, in neighboring municipalities or in the same metropolitan region where you live, for more than a year. Or, in the city where you work.

Finally, you can make a simulation, and look for the corresponding Caixa, or go to the nearest Caixa branch.

How to order?

  1. perform a simulation: inform your data and trust the value of the installment, term, and other conditions to finance the property;
  2. Do the credit analysis: present the documentation to bank correspondents or to the manager at the branch. At this time, Caixa assesses the possibilities of using your FGTS and the type of credit that is most convenient for you.
  3. engineering analysis: after analyzing the documents, Caixa goes to the property to assess the sale value and conditions of use.
  4. contract signing: after the engineering evaluation, the contract is signed at the Caixa branch. It is necessary to register the contract at the real estate registry to release the credit.
  5. pay installments: monthly, it is necessary to pay the installments of the housing loan. To do this, count on the ease of debiting your account, or print bills through the website or the Habitação Caixa application.
  6. manage your financing: If extra money enters your account, write off your outstanding balance. On the other hand, if things get tough, take a break from paying installments. These and other adjustments can be made through the Internet Banking Caixa, through the website or at your branch.

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