Cenapop · Prankster actress, Brunna Sena underwent intimate surgery before a nude rehearsal: “I’m prettier”

Actress of the pranks of RedeTV!, Brunna Sena prepares to release its first nude rehearsal. She just signed with the magazine SpicyFire 一 who has already stripped other famous clothes, including ex-BBBs Fani Pacheco and Amanda Gontijo. With the theme ‘fetishes’, the photos were produced in a luxurious swing house in São Paulo and had the participation of a male model.

For the photos, Brunna says she even underwent intimate surgery, nymphoplasty. It is a simple and aesthetic procedure: “I’ve wanted to do some time and now with the magazine’s invitation I took courage. I loved the result and the men will enjoy it too”, she guaranteed, laughing.

“It was even more beautiful (laughs). And I became more sensitive after the surgery, my sex life is hotter, it messed up my self-esteem a lot”, continued Brunna, who usually receives a ton of compliments whenever she shows off her curves on social media.

Brunna says that the fact of posing nude does not interfere with her performance on TV. Used to showing her sexier side in pranks, she says that the fans themselves asked for the nude test.

“And I did a job to awaken sex appeal, to put women’s freedom into play, you know? I’m at my best and at my best. I don’t have a problem with nudity. I think that what is beautiful has to show itself. It’s a job, I wasn’t ashamed”, he pointed out.

The fee for the naked rehearsal, according to her, compensated:

“The fee is much higher than on TV”, he compares. “But of course I also accepted because of personal achievement, I have an exhibitionist side, which likes to be desired. I did it for pleasure”, he said.

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