Chapecoense decides to sell tickets only to members against Grêmio

Grêmio is prohibited from having fans at home and when visiting. The determination of the STJD after the vandalism in the game against Palmeiras is already public knowledge, but the Grêmio fan could be trying to circumvent the system. On social networks, profiles about the Immortal commented on a possible invasion of the fans in Arena Condá. This would happen with the presence of fans without the use of anything connected to the club, but located in the southern part of the stadium, where the visiting fans are usually located at Chapecoense games.

The situation took over the game environment and nobody knew how this would be answered or seen by the home club. However, this Friday afternoon (19), Chape released a statement saying that it would reserve tickets only for club members and would return all those who were publicly purchased in the previous days. In the letter itself, the club admits that it is doing this to avoid Grêmio fans “in plain clothes” at Arena Condá.

See the release below:

The two teams face off this Saturday (20) and the game is worth more for Immortal to seek a recovery in an attempt to get out of the Z4, since the hosts are already relegated in the Brazilian Championship. The departure is scheduled for 19hrs (from Brasília).

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