Country already has a gas station that sells ethanol more expensive than gasoline – News

The gas station responsible for selling the most expensive ethanol in Brazil, for R$7,899, is located in the city of Bagé, in Rio Grande do Sul, and already sells the biofuel for a price higher than that charged for gasoline (R$7.769).

The 1.65% disparity draws attention to the fact that vehicles fueled with ethanol have an efficiency around 30% lower than those that have the tank filled with gasoline.

According to the most recent data from the ANP (National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency), Rio Grande do Sul is the state responsible for the highest average price charged per liter of ethanol (R$ 6.943).

The state, in the extreme south of the country, is also the one in which it is least worth refueling with biofuel, with a parity of 98.04% compared to the approximately R$7.082 charged per liter of gasoline in the region.

Estimates show that, despite costing less in the vast majority of establishments, ethanol only pays when its value is less than 70% of the price charged for gasoline.

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The significant difference occurs because a vehicle fueled with alcohol uses more liters to cover the same distance as it would complete with gasoline. Last week, the ethanol was not competitive in any of the Brazilian states or the Federal District.

O R7 It sought contact with Posto Cinturão de Combustíveis Ltda., located in the Boa Esperança neighborhood, in Bagé (RS), to understand the sale of ethanol for a higher price than gasoline, but did not obtain a return from the establishment until publication. of this article.

Vibra Energia, the former BR Distribuidora, claims that it has no influence on the prices charged at the pump of branded establishments. “By law, service stations are different agents and pricing is free in different markets, and each dealer has different levels of product cost formation and competitiveness, which leads to a differentiation in the prices charged at pumps throughout Brazil” , says the distributor, in a note.

Ethanol and gasoline are two of the main villains in this year’s inflation and show variations of, respectively, 51.25% and 38.29% between January and October, according to calculations by the IPCA (Broad National Consumer Price Index), released monthly by the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics).

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