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Isabel (Giulia Gayoso) will be bombarded by several “bad news” when she sets foot in Brazil again in Nos Tempos do Imperador. The princess will not only discover that the country is at war with Paraguay, but will also need to feign happiness when she is told about Leopoldina’s (Bruna Griphao) pregnancy in Globo’s six o’clock soap opera.

The noblewoman has always had a good relationship with her sister and will even feel bad for envying her in Alessandro Marson and Thereza Falcão’s serials. After all, she always had the dream of being a mother, despite not even imagining that she is surrounded by a curse — as noted by Candida (Dani Ornellas).

Giulia Gayoso’s character will go on a trip with Gastão (Daniel Coelho) through Europe, but will resent it for not having given Pedro (Selton Mello) a grandson yet. “Some women take a long time to get pregnant, that’s how it is. Queen Anne of Austria [1601-1715], mother of Louis 14 [1648-1715], took 20 years to have a child”, will say the count d’Eu.

Isabel will once again be surprised by her partner’s lack of tact, which has already made her feel ashamed in front of Guebo (Maicon Rodrigues). “I don’t want to wait 20 years! I come from a family where women have many children. My grandmother Leopoldina [Leticia Colin] had seven,” she will snarl.

The noblewoman will barely arrive in Lisbon and will need to ship back to Brazil due to threats from Solano López (Roberto Birindelli). It will land in Rio de Janeiro already in the middle of the armed conflict, in scenes that will be shown from the next 1st.

Actress Bruna Griphao characterized as Leopoldina in a scene from Nos Tempos do Imperador

Leopoldina (Bruna Griphao) in the six o’clock soap opera

Isabel will barely have time to breathe calmly, as Gastão will invent a plan to join Pedro and Augusto (Gil Coelho) in command of the Brazilian troops. Leopoldina will then bombard her with the news that she is expecting her first child — even though she has been married for only a few months.

The heiress to the throne will congratulate her sister but, deep down, she will feel a pang of envy that she was pregnant earlier. In tears, she will beg Daniel Coelho’s character to give her a child as soon as possible and, preferably, before embarking on the battlefield.

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