Death of Marília Mendonça was informed to the pedestrians of A Fazenda

James Piquilo, eliminated from “A Fazenda 13” to the surprise of the fans, counts with exclusivity to the purepeople how he felt when he learned of the death of Marília Mendonça, due to a tragic plane crash, on November 5th.

Contrary to popular belief, the news was given to the pawn by the reality show’s psychologist, who closely follows the emotions of the famous in confinement.

The production organized in a way that the specialist tells about the accident as soon as the famous leave the rural headquarters, as was done with Tiago and Valentina Francavilla, most recently eliminated.

Tiago Piquilo remembers how he learned of Marília Mendonça’s death

The psychologist called me and told me about Marília’s death! It was very strong! So far it hasn’t hit the wall… It’s really a shock to know that such a young girl left this for a better one.”, recalls the countryman in the interview.

“She was very important and will be sorely missed. Fear has haunted me in the 17 years I’ve been traveling, the fear of not returning, the fear of getting lost. So, this brought me many reflections on what is really important in life.”, completes the eighth out of “The Farm 13”.

Marília Mendonça was honored at the Latin Grammy

There is no doubt that Marília Mendonça’s legacy will mark Brazil and generations to come. This Thursday (18), the sertaneja was remembered more than once at the 2021 Latin Grammy ceremony.

Anitta paid tribute to the singer during her stage performance in Las Vegas, USA. The interpreter of “Girl From Rio” spoke of her friend while images of the country girl played in the background.

“Not long ago, we lost a great artist from my country. Marília Mendonça, from a very young age, became one of the most beloved singer-songwriters in Brazil.”, she spoke in Spanish.

Anitta recalled that Marília Mendonça was nominated with Maiara and Maraísa that night, for the Best Sertanejo Album award.

“Everyone who knows you knows that you were a great soul, a generous woman and friend to everyone. We will remember you today, tomorrow and always. Viva Marília Mendonça”, she added, in Portuguese.

Manuel Abud, director of the Latin Grammy, also gave a speech dedicating the award to Marília Mendonça, during the delivery of the technical category awards.

Sertanejos dedicate concerts to Marília Mendonça

In addition to the awards, several shows have been held with the return to events after the mass vaccination in the pandemic. Tiago Piquilo was happy with the busy schedule after leaving “A Fazenda”.

“Professionally we are happy for the return of the shows. […] We are preparing a beautiful project of re-recording country music on a DVD with super special guest appearances, etc. I needed to feel that joy at that moment.”, he said, who reveals happiness in being able to hug those he loves after nearly two months of confinement.

This week, Felipe Araújo paid tribute to his brother, Cristiano Araújo and Marília Mendonça in a DVD recording with a show that brought together artists at the Mineirão stadium.

The artist sang, improvised, “De Quem É A Culpa”, a composition by the singer that Cristiano showed him the last time they saw each other before he died in a car accident.