Doctor Jairo · 5 exercises to define the abdomen at home

Like the back, chest and arms, the muscles in the abdomen need specific training to develop. There are numerous variations of sit-ups, exercises that strengthen and define the muscles in the region, such as the obliques, rectus and transversus.

In addition to the aesthetic part, strengthening the abdomen is important to obtain more general balance and also to improve performance in other exercises, such as street running, cycling, swimming and wrestling, for example.

But remember that seeking the help of physical education professionals before performing muscle exercises is essential to avoid injuries and incorrect posture while exercising.

5 exercises for the abdomen

Below are some exercises that can be done anywhere, including at home, to strengthen the abdomen. Practicing them two to three times a week is indicated so that the results are felt. Check out!

1. Abdominal with legs elevated

In this exercise, the movement is the same as in the common abdominal, but with the legs elevated, trying to touch the feet with the hands.

The high leg sit up is a good exercise for the lower abdomen.

2. Abdominal board

The board is an isometric exercise (it promotes muscle contraction without movement). When performing it, stay in the correct position without moving for a few seconds and return.

3. Abdominal bicycle

Here, the legs must be elevated at all times, performing a pedaling motion, with one leg being stretched forward and the other flexed alternately.

4. Climber

In a climber, the person must rest both hands on the ground and perform a movement of alternating the position of the legs, as if climbing a mountain.

5. Side board

The principle is the same as the common board, however, the exercise is done unilaterally, strengthening the oblique muscles.

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