Emergency aid and Bolsa Família are over! Will Aid Brazil take care of the vulnerable?

key points

  • Auxílio Brasil took the place of emergency aid and Bolsa Família last Wednesday, 17th;
  • Program will be valid until December of next year;
  • Installments of R$ 400 must be released only next month.

O emergency aid officially ended this Friday, 19, with the release of the loot and transfer to the last group, the December birthdays. Along with the emergency program, the family allowance which lasted for 18 years was also phased out after the last deposits of the seventh installment last month. Both programs gave rise to the Brazil Aid.

Emergency aid and Bolsa Família are over!  Will Aid Brazil take care of the vulnerable?
Emergency aid and Bolsa Família are over! Will Aid Brazil take care of the vulnerable? (Image: FDR)

However, this transition has caused some concern for some of the millions of Brazilians. That’s because, with the launch of the new social program after more than a year of promises, the Brazil Aid it finally started payments last Wednesday, the 17th. But the fear is related to the fact that the beneficiaries of the current cash transfer were hand-selected.

Of the more than 39 million Brazilians who received emergency aid until October this year, only 14.6 million are receiving it. Brazil Aid. These are the same people who were already included in Bolsa Família, consolidating as the main criterion that made the program effective.

In part, it is important to bear in mind that this selection was imposed because, from the beginning, the Federal Government’s promise to prepare a new income transfer program was precisely to consolidate it as a replacement for Bolsa Família.

This is one of the main reasons for keeping only the 14.6 million families, although the government’s technical team has not ruled out the possibility of expanding the support provided by the Brazil Aid.

In fact, this is one of Bolsonaro’s promises, to include another 2.4 million families, if all goes well, starting in December of this year.

Who receives the Brazil Aid?

From the beginning, the Federal Government made it clear that they would be included in the Brazil Aid the beneficiaries of the extinct Bolsa Família. For that, logically they would have to be registered in the Cadastro Único (CadÚnico) through the Social Assistance Reference Centers (CRAS) of the municipality. This was another condition that even applies to futures selected for the 2.4 million vacancies.

But it is not enough just to be registered in the Federal Government’s CadÚnico, it is necessary to comply with the poverty and extreme poverty requirements of the Brazil Aid. For this, it is necessary to present a monthly per capita income of:

  • R$100 for the extreme poverty line;
  • R$200 for the poverty line.

Based on these allegations, beneficiaries will still have the chance to receive some complementary benefits according to each profile, which will be presented soon.

How much does Brazil Aid pay?

In this first installment, expected to have deposits closed on November 30, the Federal Government pays a amount of BRL 217.18. The original promise was for program beneficiaries to receive the fixed amount of BRL 400, but for now, there is still no room in the budget to cover that amount.

If the government obtains the necessary approval to put the Precatório PEC into practice, it would be possible to open a space of R$ 40 billion, which would be invested in the brazilian aidl.

In this way, both the installments of R$ 400 and the expansion in the number of beneficiaries would take effect from December 2021 onwards.

Complementary benefits of Brazil Aid

O Brazil Aid it goes far beyond a fixed installment that can reach R$400. Therefore, the Federal Government created complementary benefits that can be released according to the profile of each beneficiary. See below what they are and their respective values:

  • Early Childhood Benefit: families with children up to 3 years old receive the amount of R$130;
  • Benefit from Overcoming Extreme Poverty: young people aged 18 to 21 who are incomplete receive R$ 65, the aim being to encourage young people to complete schooling;
  • Family Membership Benefit: for families that have pregnant women, or people aged 3 to 17 years old, or people aged 18 to 21 enrolled in basic education. The benefit amount will be R$65 per person, with a limit of up to five benefits per family;
  • School Sport Aid: students aged 12 to 17 years old who stand out in official competitions of the Brazilian school games system and who are from Auxílio Brasil beneficiary families receive a single monthly installment of R$1,000 or R$100;
  • Junior Scientific Initiation Scholarship: for students performing well in academic competitions. The amount is 12 monthly installments of R$100 or R$1 thousand in a single installment;
  • Child Citizen Assistance: for the guardian of a child aged up to 4 years old who has a source of income, but cannot find a place in public day care centers or in a partner network. The value is R$200 for children enrolled part-time and R$300 full-time;
  • Rural Productive Inclusion Aid: destined for family farmers registered in the Cadastro Único for social programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico). The amount received must be R$200;
  • Urban Productive Inclusion Aid: intended for those who can prove formal employment relationship. Amount received must be R$200;
  • Emancipation Rule: for beneficiaries who had an increase in per capita income exceeding the limit for inclusion in the aid, they will be kept on the payroll for another 24 months.

Brazil Aid Calendar

The first installment of the Brazil Aid will be paid between the 17th and the 30th of November. The Federal Government announced that it will maintain the Bolsa Família payment format, that is, based on the final digit of the Social Identification Number (NIS) in the last ten business days of each month. Look!

NIS endNovemberDecember
1November 17thDecember 10th
twoNovember 18thDecember 13th
3November 19thDecember 14th
4November 22December 15th
5November 23December 16th
6November 24thDecember 17th
7November 25thDecember 20
8November 26thDecember 21
9november 29December 22nd
030th of NovemberDecember 23
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