Experiencing drama in the qualifiers, Uruguay announces the resignation of coach Óscar Tabárez after 15 years

Uruguay, which is only 7th in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, announced the departure of coach Óscar Tabárez this Friday

The selection of Uruguay announced this Friday the dismissal of the technician Oscar Tabarez.

The coach, currently 74 years old, has been in charge of Celeste since 2006.

in these 15 years he won a Copa America in 2011 and campaigned prominently at the 2010 and 2014 World Cups.

In all, they were 194 matches, with 94 victories, 49 draws and 51 defeats, which gave advantage of 48.45% of the points.

Now, however, Uruguay is experiencing a dramatic situation in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, in Qatar, which led to the resignation of the commander.

The team occupies only the 7th placement of the table and is outside the qualifying zone for the Cup in Qatar.



Uruguayan national team coach was the guest of Bola da Vez this week, with André Plihal and company

In the last round of qualifiers, a tough 3-0 loss to Bolivia, who also missed a penalty, ended up sealing the fate of Tabárez.

Now, the AUF (Uruguayan Football Association) is looking for a new coach.

In a recent investigation by reporter Diego Muñoz, from ESPN Uruguay, Diego Aguirre’s name, currently at Internacional, was one of the favorites.

Celeste returns to the field only on the FIFA date of February 2022, when it faces Venezuela and Peru, in decisive matches for the classification of the World Cup.