Fan who ‘invaded’ Flamengo’s bus cannot go to Maracanã and makes two requests to players: ‘I can’t forget’

A fan who invaded Flamengo’s bus on his way to Porto Alegre, Filipe de Barros Marques is a fisherman and is unable to attend the games at Maracanã: ‘My profession doesn’t bring much income’

The images from the 2021 version of ‘AeroFla’ traveled the world. And much to Filipe de Barros Marques, a fan who managed to get on the bus that took the delegation from Flamengo to the International Airport, on Ilha do Governador, placing part of the body inside the vehicle to talk to the players.

And all this happened to encourage the squad that left last Friday towards Porto Alegre, where they will face International and Guild before heading to Uruguay, to try to get the tri-championship of the Libertadores Conmebol.

palm trees and Flamengo dispute the final of Libertadores Conmebol of 2021 next Saturday (27), in Montevideo, Uruguay, with the ball rolling from 17:00 (GMT). Do you watch LIVE broadcast on FOX Sports and also by ESPN on Star+.

Famous for Rubro-Negro’s gesture of love on ‘AeroFla’, Filipe told the newspaper The day how he decided to board the bus carrying the delegation. The 28-year-old fisherman also told how the reaction was inside the vehicle when he was seen by the players.

“I got lost from my friends and I was crazy about getting on the bus to see the players. I managed, after a lot of effort, to get there and opened that little door. At the time I had no reaction and just screamed the names of the players . They were laughing, and João Gomes talked to me,” recalled Filipe, who told the newspaper that he couldn’t go to the team’s games at Maracanã.

“I only went once. I haven’t been there for a long time for financial reasons. I’m a fisherman and my profession doesn’t provide much income, right. Unfortunately.”

Asked by the report of The day on a request he would make to players, the fisherman placed the title of Libertadores. But he took advantage and revealed yet another wish.

“I would ask if they could take me to meet them at Ninho and Maracanã. The title (of Libertadores) as well. I can’t forget to ask. I wanted to see Gabigol in person. I’m a big fan of him and João Gomes. We’ll be champions. here is Flamengo,” he stated.