Farm 13: Gui Araujo and Solange Gomes get careless and show too much for the cameras; watch

This morning’s party (20) may have yielded in “A Fazenda 13“, but the after-party was also frilly! kkkk Gui Araujo and Solange Gomes got careless and ended up showing too much when they changed clothes at the reality’s headquarters. Traditionally, the thematic fraternization had the look chosen by the production. This time, the theme was “Polar Party” and Solange already started the night being “betrayed” by the costumes…

Gugu’s ex-bathroom was dressed in pants that matched his skin. Therefore, on several occasions it seemed that the person was not wearing anything. To make matters worse, the lights chosen to rock the event contributed even more to this feeling. Check out:

At one point, Sol left the party to borrow his clothes and put on a lighter look to return to the dance floor. The problem was that she had the help of Rico Melquiades to take off her pants, which were WELL glued to her body. But the confinement colleague pulled so hard that the woman had her butt hanging out in front of the cameras, but she burst out laughing at the faux pas. Watch the moment:

Gui Araujo also didn’t escape the rural reality cameras… But he let everything slip alone, without the help of his colleagues. Kkkk After the party, the pawn decided to take a shower to sleep. In the process of changing his swim trunks and putting on underwear, the former MTV ended up showing more than he should. Look:

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In addition to the “pelados da farm”, the night was quite busy for other pedestrians. Aline and Sthefane exchanged kisses at the party and rolled up a nudge from the ex-panicat in Dayane Mello. In addition to the new ship, many internet users suggested that the production would have released the use of marijuana to the participants, all because of a conversation that took place at the party and an unusual request from the model. Hay fire, my people! Click here to find out everything that happened and watch all the videos.