for Marina Silva deforestation data are ‘scandal’

Former Environment Minister Marina Silva called the release of data on deforestation in the Amazon after the United Nations (UN) Climate Summit, COP-26, a “double scandal”. The numbers, revealed on Thursday, 18, by the National Institute for Space Research (Inpe), registered the highest deforestation rate in the country in the last 15 years in the region.

“In the disclosure of accumulated data on deforestation by INPE, we have a double scandal: 13,235 km2 of destroyed forest and also the fact that such data was hidden by Minister Joaquim Leite, while COP 26 was taking place. This is the largest deforestation in 15 years,” criticized Marina in a publication this Friday (19) on Twitter.

The Bolsonaro government has been accused of holding back the release of data so that it does not coincide with the date of COP-26, which ended last Saturday (13th). The fact that the INPE document with official data was dated October 27, but was released only on November 18, called our attention, that is, the information was only known 22 days after the document was prepared and after the conference .

According to a note from the union of workers in the Science and Technology area, the government and the direction of Inpe would have been aware of the data since mid-October, but only now has there been an approval for disclosure. Asked about the difference in the dates, the minister of the Environment, Joaquim Álvaro Pereira Leite, stated that he only had contact with the data yesterday.