For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, Petrópolis has no patients admitted to ICUs in the SUS network

20/Nov 08:48

By Newsroom/Tribune of Petrópolis

The last Epidemiological Bulletin released by the City of Petrópolis informs that, for the first time, in a year and eight months, the city has zeroed the occupancy rate of ICU beds in the SUS network. Only one patient is hospitalized in a clinical bed in the city’s public network. Taking into account the entire health network of Petrópolis, including public and private hospitals, there are two inpatients: one person in a clinical bed in the public network and one in an ICU bed in the private network.

The total number of admissions this Friday – two people, is also the lowest since March 2020. In April of this year – the most critical period of the pandemic – the city even registered 374 people hospitalized simultaneously in clinical and public ICU beds and private, reaching only 169 patients in ICUs on April 20th.

“This gradual and sustained reduction in serious cases, hospitalizations and deaths that we have observed – reaching no patients in public ICUs today – is the result of the commitment of an entire team of the Department of Health, which has been tireless so that we can take the vaccine to the greatest number of people throughout the city. I also thank the population, who joined the vaccination and is attending the clinics, completing the vaccination schedule and doing their part so that we can overcome the pandemic. Next week we will enter a new stage, with the expansion of the application of booster doses. The orientation in this new moment is the same: when your time comes, register and be sure to get vaccinated. The vaccine is saving lives and is our best tool; it is what will allow us to overcome this pandemic”, assesses the Health Secretary, Aloisio Barbosa da Silva Filho.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Petrópolis has registered 1,556 deaths as a result of covid-19.

So far, 208,582 Covid-19 tests have been performed in the county, with 50,120 positive and 158,324 negative results (taking into account rapid and swab tests).

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