Fortaleza starts applying the booster dose of the Covid vaccine to the general public this Saturday (20) – Metro

Fortaleza will start, this Saturday (20), the application of the booster dose of Covid-19 vaccine in the general population. The information was announced by Mayor Sarto Nogueira, this Friday (19th).

According to the mayor, lists will be released shortly with the names of those scheduled to be attended.

Sarto released the news on social networks


According to the City Hall, this public is scheduled in descending order of age, and considering the date of application of the second dose.

interval between doses

The public vaccinated with the second dose of the vaccine against Covid for at least five months is able to receive the booster dose. The new break deadline was set by the Ministry of Health this week.

At the time, the Ministry of Health informed that about 100 million people will be able to receive the booster in Brazil. This additional vaccine will preferably be Pfizer.

Janssen’s vaccine

The public immunized with the Janssen vaccine, applied in a single dose, should receive a second dose of the same immunizing agent. The indication follows postulated by the Ministry of Health.

For this reason, the continuity of the vaccination schedule for the public immunized with the product of this brand depends on the arrival of new doses in the Capital.


The booster dose began to be applied to elderly and immunosuppressed people in September. Afterwards, health professionals were included in the calendar.

The initial determination was that the application should take place 28 days after the second dose (D2) for immunosuppressed patients. For seniors and health professionals, the deadline was six months. That same month, Fortaleza began to administer the additional dose.

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