GOL will fly 700 daily flights in Brazil’s high summer season

GOL Linhas Aéreas announces its air network for the high summer season in Brazil and abroad, between the months of December 2021 and January 2022. There are, on average, 700 daily departures, an increase of 6,000 new operations. Compared to November 2021, there was a 60% increase in GOL’s supply for these two months, which traditionally have more intense demand for leisure travel.

In light of the pre-pandemic period (January 2020), operations in the high season 2021/2022 achieved a recovery of 95% of the Company’s domestic supply. The 700 daily flights also represent an increase in the availability of departures of 60% in non-regional markets (from capital to capital) and 60% in regional markets.

In December and January, GOL resumes operations on national and international bases previously served and launches new destinations. On 12/19/21, flights return to Buenos Aires – landing at Aeroparque (AEP), the central airport of the capital city – and, on January 9, 22, departures from Belém (BEL) to Paramaribo ( PBM), capital of Suriname.

In Brazilian territory, on 12/22/21, the Company starts operating an unprecedented route, Congonhas (CGH)-Bonito (BYO), facilitating access throughout the country to the ecotourism and nature tourism paradise of Mato Grosso do South. On 01/17/22, it is GOL’s turn to launch direct flights between Pelotas (PET) and the international airport of São Paulo/Guarulhos (GRU), establishing the connection between the interior of Rio Grande do Sul and Brazil and the world, given the hub’s relevance in the capital of São Paulo. As of 12/25/21, Guarulhos will be connected to the seasonal destination of Cabo Frio (CFB), on the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

High season: highlights by hubs

São Paulo (Congonhas-CGH and Guarulhos-GRU): addition of 1,500 flights departing the capital of São Paulo, a 50% increase in GOL’s offer. In Congonhas, there is the inclusion of 5 new markets – Aracaju (AJU), Bonito (BYO), Cuiabá (CGB), Caldas Novas (CLV), Foz do Iguaçu (IGU) and Ilhéus (IOS) – and greater availability of seats for Porto Seguro (303%), Salvador (117%), Maceió (174%) and Natal (157%). In Guarulhos, GOL exceeds 100 daily departures, a growth of 29%, as a result of the inclusion of new domestic markets – Cabo Frio and Pelotas – and a new international market, Buenos Aires (AEP). In addition, there is an increase in operations to Belém (121%), Manaus (138%) and Natal (63%).

Rio de Janeiro (RIOgaleão-GIG and Santos Dumont-SDU): 63% growth in the number of flights offered by the Company. RIOgaleão includes the inclusion of 4 new markets – Ilhéus, Jericoacoara (JJD), Manaus (MAO) and Uberlândia (UDI), in addition to the addition of seats, mainly for Curitiba (163%), Florianópolis (100%), Maceió (184%), Natal (120%), Navegantes (116%) and Foz do Iguaçu (107%). In Santos Dumont, the most relevant increases in the supply of seats are for Salvador (243%) and Vitória (43%). Start of 3 new markets leaving Santos Dumont: Confins (CNF), Curitiba (CWB) and Florianópolis (FLN).

Brasilia (BSB): 24% increase in operations with the inclusion of 4 new markets: Porto Seguro (BPS), Ilhéus, Jericoacoara and Santarém (STM). Among the domestic offers, we highlight the growth for the cities of Florianópolis (264% in operations) and Goiânia (43% in seats), Natal (78% in seats) and Maceió (40% in operations). Internationally, there is a 64% increase in departures to Cancún (CUN), totaling more than 1,300 seats.

Salvador (SSA): 71% growth in offer with the addition of 4 markets: Belém (BEL), Campo Grande (CGR), Florianópolis and Jericoacoara. The strengthening of this high connectivity hub in the Northeast includes relevant increases for the South and Southeast regions: Porto Alegre (264%), Rio de Janeiro/SDU (207%), Belo Horizonte (200%), Campinas (107%) and Recife ( 107%). During the period, departures go from 35 to 52 days.

Fortress (FOR): 66% increase in the number of flights, due to the inclusion of 3 markets – Cuiabá, Belo Horizonte and Goiânia – and the increase in seats offered to Belém (91%), Congonhas (121%), Recife (174%) and Juazeiro do North (55%).

High season: highlights by region

North: with the inclusion of more than 300 departures, the region consolidates an average of 10 daily departures and a 44% growth in supply. Inclusion of 7 new markets: Guarulhos-Palmas (PMW), RIOgaleão-Manaus, Carajás (CKS)-Marabá (MAB), Brasília-Santarém, Belém-Salvador, Belém-Paramaribo (PBM) and Belém-RIOgaleão. Increases, mainly, in the routes to Fortaleza (114%), between the capital of Pará and Guarulhos (121%) and from Manaus to Santarém (159%).

North East: addition of 70 daily flights to the region, and the offer grows by 73%. There are 25 new markets included: Porto Alegre-Recife, Maceió-Porto Alegre, Jericoacoara-Salvador, Goiânia-Maceió, RIOgaleão-Jericoacoara, RIOgaleão-Ilhéus, Fortaleza-Goiânia, Florianópolis-Salvador, Curitiba-Maceió, Confins-Recife, Confins-Natal, Confins-Maceió, Confins-Fortaleza, Guarulhos-Ilhéus, Cuiabá-Salvador, Cuiabá-Recife, Cuiabá-Maceió, Cuiabá-Fortaleza, Brasília-Jericoacoara, Porto Seguro-Ilhéus, Porto Seguro-Confins, Porto Seguro-Cuiabá , Porto Seguro-Brasília, Belém-Salvador and Aracaju-Congonhas. The main increases in supply were among the markets coming from São Paulo (CGH), Rio de Janeiro (SDU), Porto Alegre and Curitiba.

Midwest: addition of 18 new markets, totaling an increase of 24 daily flights: Porto Seguro-Brasília, Porto Seguro-Cuiabá, Brasília-Ilhéus, Brasília-Jericoacoara, Brasília-Santarém, Bonito-Congonhas, Cuiabá-Congonhas, Cuiabá-Fortaleza, Cuiabá- Maceió, Cuiabá-Recife, Cuiabá-Salvador, Congonhas-Caldas Novas, Campo Grande-RIOgaleão, Florianópolis-Goiânia, Goiânia-Maceió, Goiânia-Palmas and Goiânia-Vitória. There is a higher growth of flights between the markets of Brasília-Florianópolis (264%), Brasília-Goiânia (128%) and Congonhas-Campo Grande (126%).

Southeast: 55% growth in supply and inclusion of 27 new markets: Buenos Aires/Aeroparque-RIOgaleão, Buenos Aires/Aeroparque-Guarulhos, Aracaju-Congonhas, Belém-RIOgaleão, Porto Seguro-Confins, Bonito-Congonhas, Cabo Frio-Guarulhos, Cuiabá -Guarulhos, Congonhas-Caldas Novas, Congonhas-Foz do Iguaçu, Congonhas-Ilhéus, Campo Grande-RIOgaleão, Confins-Florianópolis, Confins-Fortaleza, Confins-Maceió, Confins-Natal, Confins-Recife, Confins-Santos Dumont, Confins- Vitória, Curitiba-Santos Dumont, Florianópolis-Santos Dumont, RIOgaleão-Ilhéus, RIOgaleão-Jericoacoara, RIOgaleão-Manaus, RIOgaleão-Uberlândia, Guarulhos-Pelotas and Goiânia-Vitória. One-off increases are noted in the markets of Santos Dumont-Salvador (241%), Guarulhos-Punta Cana (138%) and Guarulhos-Manaus (138%).

South: offers increased by 62% and 11 new markets served: Porto Alegre-Recife, Maceió-Porto Alegre, Guarulhos-Pelotas, Florianópolis-Salvador, Florianópolis-Santos Dumont, Florianópolis-Goiânia, Curitiba-Santos Dumont, Curitiba-Maceió, Confins-Florianópolis , Congonhas-Foz do Iguaçu and Buenos Aires/Aeroparque-Florianópolis. Increases for major cities such as Brasília (186%), Rio de Janeiro/RIOgaleão (135%), Salvador (153%) and Navegantes (116%).

“The Company’s high-season network is characterized by greater demand, typical of the end and beginning of the year, and by the expectation of a ‘real’ summer for tourism and leisure, given the advanced rates of immunization throughout the country. Country – which, at the end of 2020, was not part of the pandemic situation. The representativeness and reach of operations are also due to departures to new destinations operated by GOL and to international travel, which the Company resumed in November and continues into 2022”, says Bruno Balan, GOL’s Air Network Strategic Planning manager .

In this process of resumption of Brazilian tourism and the gradual return to international and corporate travel, the Company relies on the trust of its Clients, Employees and partners in its strict Health and Safety protocols practiced on board and at the airports where it operates.

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