Gui Araújo gets careless, goes naked and the web reacts O Fuxico

Gui Araújo he was loose after the party in “A Fazenda 13”, by Record TV, and ended up neglecting himself in front of the cameras.

The model left her private parts exposed while she changed. It all happened when Bill straightened the towel, which was wrapped around his waist.

Shortly thereafter, the subject went viral on social media.



Usually on Fridays, there are parties for “A Fazenda 13”, a reality show on Record TV, and it is no different on November 19, whose name was Festa Polar, which of course had an outfit chosen by the production.

This time, the chosen and themed look consisted of pants whose color was an orange tone, which coincidentally was close to the skin tone of Solange Gomes.

Because of this, the impression that Gugu’s ex-bathtub was naked was quite frequent at night, and the lights chosen to rock the event contributed even more to this feeling.

However, Rico Melquiades ended up taking proof that Solange was wearing clothes, but for that, he ended up leaving the girl in fact naked at the end of the celebration, in which he took off her pants, which were without panties.

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