Harry Jowsey, ‘Playing with Fire’ star, celebrates MC Mirella’s divorce on social media, and sends an outrageous message about Dynho; watch

Thrilled, he! Kkk This Tuesday (16), funk artist MC Mirella revealed that she started the divorce process for Dynho Alves, who is confined to “A Fazenda 13“. The reason for the separation was the relationship between the husband and the girl Sthefane Matos within the program, which has been bothering him for some time. However, what no one expected was the cocky reaction that Harry Jowsey, participant of the 1st edition of the reality show “Playing With Fire“, would have with the news!

This Thursday (18), the Australian posted a video on his TikTok profile, showing all his happiness with the end of ‘Bad Mi’ relationship! In the clip, already deleted from his account, he appears riding a speedboat with the following caption: “On the way to Brazil now that Mirella is single.” Help! Hahaha

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Do you think it’s over? Oh nothing! Jowsey returned to flirt with Mirella on the video platform the same day. The blonde did a duet with one of the Brazilian’s videos, in which she appears in a bikini and swaying for the camera. The indirection, however, was even more direct this time! “Your boyfriend sucks, you deserve better”, he wrote. Would Jowsey be this something better? OMG! Just spy:

@harryjowsey #duet with @mcmirellaoficial ♬ original sound – Nlvxa

The digital influencer’s interest in the artist is old and his attempts to get the muse’s attention are beyond shameless! Jowsey has already become a registered figure on MC’s Instagram – in addition to liking it, he also commented on the latest photos in which the muse poses in lingerie and even participated in a live of the ex-peo, despite difficult communication, last year .

Will something happen between these two? Kkk We’re watching!

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Dynho Alves’s Divorce

Mirella’s decision to separate came to light a day after the singer made a series of outbursts on social media about Dynho’s behavior in “A Fazenda 13“. In recent weeks, both the pawn and Sthefane Matos have been criticized for the constant exchange of caresses and affectionate moments that star in the attraction.

The news was confirmed by the artist herself, on Twitter. “Out of respect for all those who accompany me on a daily basis, and who together participate in my good and bad moments, I would like to clarify that: Dynho decided to take on a relationship within the reality, whatever it may be and even even ‘fraternal’, as mentioned by him. But it is worth noting that, in addition to the audience, there is the family, the fans and I, Mirella herself”, began the text. She also added that the decision on the end of the marriage is “the right one at the moment and irreversible“. Geez!