Homeless person stabbed to death in dispute over marmitex in BH – Gerais

Rua Itapecerica, Lagoinha, crime scene
The homeless person’s body was lying in front of the butcher shop on Rua Itapecerica, in Lagoinha (Photo: Google/Reproduction)

Another homeless person was murdered in Belo Horizonte, the second this week. This Friday night (11/19), on Rua Itapecerica, in Lagoinha, the body of a 40-year-old WCPA, known as “Neguinho da Caixinha”, was found on the street, face down, quite bloody, with a cut in the throat. The reason for the death would be a dispute with another homeless person over a lunchbox.

The Military Police were called at 9 pm. When the police arrived at the scene, they found the scene. The first step was to look for cameras that could have filmed the crime, on Rua Itapecerica and its surroundings. But there was no such equipment in the region.

Residents close to the place said that just before calling the police, “Neguinho da Caixinha”, who is well known in the region, and another homeless person were fighting over a lunchbox. There was an argument over, the residents looked out the window and saw the body. The perpetrator fled the scene. The case is being investigated by the Specialized Police Office for Homicides and Personal Protection (DHPP).

On Thursday (18/1), another homeless person was murdered with blows and stones in the Aeroporto neighborhood, in Regio da Pampulha, in Belo Horizonte. He was attacked while preparing a meal. According to witnesses, the reason for the crime was the dispute for a flanelinha service near Mineiro.